Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction

9:36 PM, Monday November 23rd 2020

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Well I did slide into a mistake of working in a bubble, considering that I completed the whole thing before having my 250 boxes reviewed. My bad.

I guess I'll just post it here since it's done anyway.

Thank you for your time!

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8:12 PM, Tuesday November 24th 2020

Hi! next time be carefull with the bubble thing, since there may be some things to improve that you missed. Luckily for you this lesson and the 250 box don't have THAT much in common and errors that could got passed through, so here I go:

Organic Arrows: Some of them are really nice and have interesting flows and shapes, and others look a little bit too flat, although I notice in some of them this is intentional, the others are not a problem, since you shown the ability to control them nicely. Also, I see that some of them are not done with a single continuous stroke. I think this exercise is completed, nonetheless, I'd recommend on doing it as a warm up a couple times so you get comfortable with the continuous lines and weird angles.

Organic Forms with Contour Lines: I really like these shapes, they are solid and you really nail the contour lines, both in angles and quantity. The center line is a little off sometimes, but this is not a major problem. Good job!

Texture Analysis and dissections : Well done, these textures are really good, bot the analyses and dissections, they really show what they are intended to be, I see a nice use of the cast shadows and silhouette. Congrats!

Form Intersections: Well, im speechless, they are really good, you are making my job here really easy here, these are very solid structures intersections. I dont have much to say other than congrats, these are really good.

Organic Intersections: well, same as before, these forms are very well established, have proper mass and shadows.

Well, I'm going to be honest, after seeing your exercises I want to re-do mine. congrats. You have a really nice understanding of 3d spaces and know very well how to represent them.

Next Steps:

Have fun destroying lesson 3!

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4:54 PM, Wednesday November 25th 2020

Thank you so much for your review, I appreciate the time and effort you've put into critiquing my work!

I will try to avoid the bubble situation in the future, that's just what I thought too, that 250 boxes challenge and Lesson 2 don't have that much in common. In contrast to, say, Lessons 3-5 where every consequent lesson basically builds on top of the previous one, so missing out on bits of important information is more critical.

Although that's a little bit beside the point in the course, thank you for your words anyway, it's really flattering to hear that. But I think you're not bad yourself! You're making good progress with Drawabox, so I believe next time you attempt these exercises you'll be able to do them even better.

Anyway, thank you for your recommendations, I will definitely try to follow them. Have a great day!

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