My big win from Drawbox so far. Shoulder drawing.

5:06 PM, Tuesday May 19th 2020

Having taken a break from the forced march of Drawabox after the 250 boxchallenge I went back to just doing some regular drawing and learning and what I have noticed, and what the biggest win from the process so far, is: Shoulder Drawing.

Drawing from the shoulder and building that muscle strength and co-ordination has been incredible and I notice it in every thing I draw now. I no longer feel glued to the paper or feel awkward when doing it.

Some have suggested that on small drawings/screen sizes it doesn't matter but my view is that it does. I have been learning procreate on a 12.9" ipad pro and it makes a big difference even there.

So for those struggling or feeling it awkward keep going it takes time and effort. For those thinking it isn't worth it. IMV, you could not be more wrong.

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8:45 PM, Tuesday May 19th 2020

I've noticed some more confidence in my lines as well after completing the 250 box challenge! Drawing final lines doesnt feel as daunting as it was before :D

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4:35 PM, Wednesday May 20th 2020

I'm having a really hard time trying to draw that way. In small drawings you can draw with your shoulder too?

One more question: do you drawed big boxes in the 250 box challenge? I will start the challenge now and I'm not sure about the boxes size.

5:33 PM, Wednesday May 20th 2020

Took me a long time of really trying. However the reason I wrote the post was when I started learning Procreate on my iPad pro I noticed how much easier I found drawing on it ( I had previously found it too awkward ) but, after doing drawabox for a couple of months, the difference was huge.

It's not the you are necessarily using shoulder 100% all of the time. What I found was that the full weight of my arm was not resting on the iPad so it was much easier to glide around the screen almost like my arm was floating ( even if it was ever so gently touching the screen ). It's that ease of movement that I now love.

1:36 AM, Thursday May 21st 2020

draw any size that you wish but make sure you change the angles and add foreshortening. I started my boxes big only 7 boxes could contain a page but i reduced it along the line so 11 to 12 boxes can enter but it is a matter of choice bro.

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