Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

2:32 PM, Friday August 25th 2023

Draw A Box Lesson 1 Exercise - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/0zRbJxt.jpg

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superimposed line , ghosted line and planes was done in ball pen because i was in a pinch . The rest of the exercise was done in fineliner

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6:55 AM, Saturday August 26th 2023
edited at 6:57 AM, Aug 26th 2023
  • super imposed lines: fraying but don't worry, with practice you will improve

  • ghosted lines: confident and straight, precision will improve with time. Some are a bit wobbly or curved but that's ok

  • planes: here I see a bit more wobblying, you were probably trying to be more precise, but focus on confident straight lines rather than precise ones

  • ellipses in table: as you drew them the ellipses improved, there is still the problem of gaps or spilling out from the frame but it will improve with time

  • ellipses in planes: same comment as before

  • funnels: bottom right is very shaky but that's due to the axis not correctly centered, overall good but I can feel here you struggled a bit more compared to the previous ellipses exercises

  • plotted perspective: is missing

  • rough perspective: don't shade in this exercise, there are some lines that are weirdly straight I hope you didn't use a ruler since this is a freehard exercise. If you fail a line leave it, don't redo the lines over and over until you get it right, look at the example exercise (also look at the student recordings at the bottom of the homework page). Keep the paper clean, so avoid those "M" at the bottom of the page. don't draw boxes over the vanishing point.

  • rotated boxes: Here is why I feel the previous lines are kinda sussy, if you can draw such straight lines why here you drew them so wobbly? That being said, here you are missing the limiting boxes at the ends of each axis. I repeat, do not redo lines if you fail them, draw confident straight lines instead of wobbly ones trying to be precise, do a lot of ghosting if you feel unsure and be aware where you start when you place the fineliner down. don't crosshatch here, just shade with 1 set of parallel lines because otherwise it becomes hard to see the construction lines. Draw the boxes closer to each other because otherwise you can't use the neighbouring boxes edges to construct the next boxes. In fact you guessed a lot instead of following the neighbouring edges, and you are missing two boxes in the top right and left corner

  • organic perspective: same comment about wobbly lines and not redo the lines. The perspective is off in many of the boxes. When you draw them think where their vanishing points should go, trace them with the ghosting method (without actually drawing the line going towards the vanishing point), then plan the next edge by ghosting from the vanishing point.

Next Steps:

to do:

  • the missing page of plotted perspective

  • do again the rotated boxes, but watch again the exercise video + read the exercise instructions carefully, in doubt check also the students recordings at the bottom of the homework page. This is an hard exercise, I don't want you to make something perfect, just something ok-ish that shows that you read all the instructions carefully.

  • 1 page of rough perspective, but watch again the exercise video + read the exercise instructions carefully.

Also take a look again at the perspective lessons (video + written lessons) and try to draw a 3 point perspective box (freehand or not), don't need to submit this one, it's just to make you get a feel for it for the box challenge and to see what is off in some boxes in the organic perspective.

Your sense of perspective will improve with the box challenge.

Remember to not redo lines and value straight confident lines over precise wobbly ones. If you feel your lines are wobbly do some warm up exercises by drawing a bunch of ghosted lines + superimposed lines. Don't rush it and take it slow.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
edited at 6:57 AM, Aug 26th 2023
4:18 AM, Thursday August 31st 2023

I botched the rotated box exercise again , do you want to see it or should I try again ?

5:22 AM, Thursday August 31st 2023

let's see, it's not important that you get them totally right, you just need to show that you've followed the instructions correctly

4:47 AM, Friday September 1st 2023

First revision of the 3 exercises :

  • Rotated box

  • plotted perspective

  • rough perspective


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