250 Box Challenge

1:15 PM, Monday May 25th 2020

250 Box Challenge - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/dATvuh3

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Here's my attempt at the 250 box challenge. There were some lines in which I accidently repeated out of personal habit in which I'm trying to break. I realise however that when I try thickening the silhouette lines, it often ends up messy, even when I do the ghosting method. Other than that, what other critiques can you give me?

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3:53 AM, Tuesday May 26th 2020

It looks like you did everything right aside from lineweight. The one complaint I have is that your colored lines are all over each other so it's very hard to see if your ability to estimate convergences improved. Goodjob!

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5:37 AM, Tuesday May 26th 2020

Thanks! Someone told me earlier on that I needed to use fewer boxes per page and have them more spaced out. I see what you mean though.

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