hi Cold! i'm Koyomi and i'm going to review your lesson 1 submission.


-the first thing that i notice is the wobble in your lines, make sure to always prioritize confidence over accuracy, a wobbly line will always be a mistake and a confident line, no matter how accurate will always be correct, don’t worry about it too much though it’s something that develops over time and practice

-in your ghosted lines and ghosted planes exercise some lines aren’t starting from the dot, as for the superimposed lines, make sure to place your pen carefully on the dot before tracing your line


-in your table of ellipses some ellipses are overlapping, that’s a hard task but try to keep them within their bounds

-as for the lines, ellipses must be drawn confidently. try to draw ellipses on a blank piece of paper without bounds, make sure to use your arm and move your pencil freely on the paper, then try to replicate that within bounds, doing that really helped me to draw more confident ellipses, it might not work for everyone though

-i think you did a pretty good job with your funnels, your ellipses are pretty well cut in half by the minor axis, just try to squish them in the funnels, they’re sticking out a little bit


-on your rough perspective exercise you place dots that you don’t seem to use, make sure to place your pen on the starting dot

-on the rotating boxes exercise, some boxes are missing in the corners, this is not a huge mistake and i think you did the exercise pretty well, just to mention

-on the organic perspective exercise you are going over your lines, no matter how off a line is you should never repeat it, keep the line as if it were correct and move on

Right I’m done with this critique i just wanted to mention, try to take better photos, just try to take them right upfront the page so it appears cleaner, you will be more likely to receive critique with a good presentation and it will be easier for the person that critique your work !