250 Box Challenge

12:14 PM, Monday February 8th 2021

250 boxes part 1 - Album on Imgur

0: https://imgur.com/gallery/AF5AXo9

Post with 6 votes and 343 views. Shared by Goodboy11. 250 boxes part 1

Hello! I needed to upload in parts so here is part 2: https://imgur.com/gallery/itbjB1o

This took incredibly long but I think it was worth it! It started kinda poorly but I got better imo. Let me know what you think, Thanks!!

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1:41 PM, Sunday February 14th 2021

Hi GoodBoy123, I'm here to take a look at your submission today!

Before starting, I would like to thank you for helping the community by writing some critiques too! Writing critiques also helps you solidify some concepts that you learned on earlier lessons.

Let's get started, shall we?

Extended Lines - Convergence

You extended your lines in the correct direction throughout the entire challenge. The lines were mostly converging to the same point, with one or two that were diverging because of the placement of the inner corner. Placing the inner corner correctly is tricky, I know!

In general, you did an amazing job on this regard.

The only mistake that I noticed as I was looking over your boxes was:

- Box 126 and 221 have one set of lines extended in the wrong direction

As I just said, you did an amazing job on this part and I'm pretty sure these two mistakes were done on accident.

Here's a little guide that I like to put on all of my critiques about the inner corner.

Hatching Lines

While optional, they're an excellent exercise to practise ghosted lines. If we compare the first page to the last, it's clear that all this hatching helped you have more confident lines! At the start, your lines were a bit wobbly and by the end of the challenge they look much better. You also always hatched one of the visible sides of the box. Good job here, too!


Everything that I said about your hatching also applies here. You've improved a lot since you started the challenge. At the beginning your line-weight was all over the place with some THICK lines. Remember that a single superimposed line over the silhouette is enough. I noticed that at earlier stages, you used two to three superimposed lines. One superimposed line is more than enough.

In general, you did a solid job! I'll mark your submission as completed but I still need to point out some extra details.

While your boxes are great, they look too similar to each other. The angle and dimensions are usually the same. You should have tried some "wackier" boxes. Here's a little image that might give you some inspiration, also you could have tried drawing boxes with just two visible sides. Don't be afraid to experiment! If you're drawing a box with 3 visibles sides, the only rule that you must follow is that the angles of the initial Y should be bigger than 90°. Besides that, you can change everything.

Next Steps:

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1:58 PM, Sunday February 14th 2021

Thank you for looking over my work and for the resources! Placing the inner corner before finishing the box has never actually crossed my mind but I'll try it in the future for sure! As for drawing different kinds of boxes, for some reason I felt like I had to place the Y at the middle of the box, I'll be sure to push myself a bit more now.

Have a great day!!

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