I will do my best to correct your 250 box challenge.

Good job on completing it!


Your lines look pretty good, they were drawn with confidence and this gives solidity to the boxes.

Both the application of line hatching and line weight look correct.

I like that none of the lines look rushed and you took the time to plan your lines.

Box construction:

Mainly all the errors are diminishing until you get to the last box. There is already good progress there.

But to be more specific, I will mention that the lines of your boxes converge very quickly to their corresponding vanishing points.

This is suitable for when we work on deep foreshortening.

But normally in the following lessons you will have to use shallow foreshortening since you will be working with scale objects and in common perspective.

To understand more: https://drawabox.com/lesson/250boxes/1/foreshortening

Another thing to mention, is that in some cases your lines converge in pairs.

(Two lines to the correct vanishing point, and two to an imaginary one).

This is inappropriate, but you can work on it by thinking about the relationship of all the lines to their vanishing point, rather than each line individually, as in this diagram:


Finally you will notice that most of your boxes look very similar.

Although this is not exactly a bad thing you will want to be prepared when you have to draw boxes of various orientations in the next lessons.

This image can serve as a reference if you have trouble thinking of positions:


I'll leave you a small correction to make, and work on it only when you can!