Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

5:30 AM, Tuesday January 4th 2022

Draw a Box - Lesson 1 HW - kosjatko - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/eQH615K.jpg

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Good day! Finally finished the 1st lesson. I already see some of my mistakes, but think it should be more. Thank you in advance, if you've taken your time to check on my work.

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6:25 AM, Tuesday January 4th 2022

Hey there Kosjatko, I'll be looking at your submission today!


You did a good job on the lines section, I can see fraying on one end of the superimposed lines, but it is supposed to happen and will surely get better with practice and time.

In ghosted lines, most of your lines look smooth, but some of those do have a little bit of wobbles. A wobbly line is a mistake, no matter how accurate, and a confident line will be correct, as with practice the accuracy will get better. see here

The Ghosted planes look good and it shows that you've understood the concepts and followed the instructions that were told, so good work!


In your tables of ellipses, I spot some amount of wobbles. Just like with lines, the ellipses must be drawn confidently, prioritizing confidence and smoothness,over accuracy. It does however get better with the next exercise and I'm happy to see that.

Your funnels exercise looks good! Not much to add there

Also, if you ever feel like challenging yourself with the funnels, you could try to increase the degree of the elips the more you move outward of the center, like described here.


You did the plotted perspective exercise as instructed - not much to add here.

The rotated boxes look great. On the left side of the exercise there are some boxes that could use a little more rotation, but it still looks great nonetheless. Good job!

The organic perspective exercise looks decent. There is a lot of improvement on line quality, so good job! There are some boxes that have some issues with the convergences of the lines, but that is something you'll get more used to when doing the 250 box challenge.

I'll go ahead and mark this lesson as complete, you're ready to move onto the 250 boxes. Don't forget to add these completed exercises in your daily warmup and also follow through with the 50% rule, as it helps a lot in the long run. Good luck

Next Steps:

Good luck going ahead in your art journey!

  • move on to the 250 boxes
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12:30 PM, Tuesday January 4th 2022

Thank you for the critics! I hope my lines will get better with practice.

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2:54 AM, Wednesday January 5th 2022

Rotated boxes


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