Lesson 3: Applying Construction to Plants

1:44 PM, Monday April 4th 2022

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Let's hope I slayed in this lesson >:D

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9:47 PM, Tuesday April 5th 2022

Hi! Good job on completing the lesson, I'll review your submission.

Arrows: Your arrows are looking pretty solid. You're doing a good job creating the illusion that they're flowing through space. There are some things I want to point out so you improve on this excercise. First of all, try being more carefull with the arrowheads. I notice they look kind of wobbly, and this can affect the solidity of the whole arrow. Use the ghosting method and carefully consider where the tip of the arrowhead will be. Second, try being more intentional with the hatching on the arrows. Add a little more hatching on the places where there would be shadows. Lastly, pay more attention to the turns of the arrows. You are doing a good job with changing the width of the arrows as they flow through space, but you seem to mess up the turns. Keep using the ghosting method, and take a look at how an arrow should look like

Leaves: The main thing I notice on your page of leaves is that you seem to be rushing. Remember that when you're drawing detail, you're drawing the cast shadows of the subject you're drawing. Don't scribble randomly, and carefully look at your references. You did a good job with the flow of the arrows. It would have been good if you had done more leaves with twists and turns, so try doing some leaves as warmups every now and then.

Branches: I do notice you had some trouble with this excercise. Don't feel bad about it, this one is pretty hard. Make sure you are reading the instructions for this excercise, and that you follow them carefully. Remember you are using the ghosting method, so ghost your lines until you feel you have done enough preparation (just don't stay on the preparation part for too long). You did a good job placing the ellipses on the flow line. This is good, it means you're understanding what construction is all about. Just make sure you improve your lines.

Plant drawings: Once again, I can tell you're developing a nice understanding of construction. Good job on that. There are some things I want to point out. First of all, you need to slow down with your branches. For the mushrooms, it seems like you placed one of the ellipses a little too small. So take your time with this and make sure the branch you're about to construct is solid. Also, try using more ellipses if you need to. I can see that for some long branches, you only used two or three ellipses. With time, you will be able to use fewer ellipses with no problem. But for now, try using more so your branches look more solid. Second, I will mention again that you need to slow down when drawing detail. Rewatch/Reread the material for texture so you start thinking about it differently.

Lastly, you need to work some more on your lines. Make sure you're doing warmups and using your whole arm.

I feel like you understood the concepts of this lesson pretty well. The main issues are with your lines and the way you capture detail. When you do lesson 4, make sure you're doing the superimposed lines excercise and the ghosted planes excercise as warmups. You should also do some branches every now and then.

Next Steps:

Move on to lesson 4.

Include superimposed lines, ghosted planes, and branches to warmups.

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12:32 PM, Friday April 8th 2022

Hello and thank you so much for looking at my submission! I really appreciate your critique and it shed a good amount of light on what I should improve on, and I guess the reason why I rush into things is because I get too excited LMAO. Again thanks so much and hopefully I'll see you in our future endeavors. Have a marvelous day! NOW LETS ACE THIS BITCH!! >:DD

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