Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

5:21 AM, Thursday February 24th 2022

Draw a Box H/W Lesson 1 - Album on Imgur

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Thank you in advance for your critique)

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10:06 PM, Thursday February 24th 2022

Hello and congrats on completing lesson one. My name is Rob and I'm a teaching assistant for Drawabox who will be handling your lesson one critique. Starting with your superimposed lines these are off to a fine start. You are keeping a clearly defined starting point with all of your wavering at the opposite end. Your ghosted lines and planes turned out well. You are using the ghosting method to good effect to get confident linework with a pretty decent deal of accuracy that will get better and better with practice.

Your tables of ellipses are coming along pretty good. You are doing a good job drawing through your ellipses and focusing on consistent smooth ellipse shapes. This is carried over nicely into your ellipses in planes. It's great that you aren't overly concerned with accuracy and are instead focused on getting smooth ellipse shapes. Although accuracy is our end goal it can't really be forced and tends to come with mileage and consistent practice more than anything else. Your ellipses in funnels are looking fine. I'm not seeing any real issues here. Your ellipses are off to a great start but there's still room for improvement when it comes to accuracy so keep practicing them during your warmups.

The plotted perspective looks good although I do want to talk about your added line and hatching here. In regards to line weigh I'm seeing this in some of your other exercises as well so I'll just discuss it here. Adding line weight for these exercises is fine but you need to treat it the same as every other line you would draw for this lessons. Ghost it multiple times and then draw from your shoulder with confidence. What I am seeing you do in a lot of cases is revert back to drawing with your wrist for line weight which is introducing wobbly and "hairy" lines over your initially confident linework. These "hairy" lines also appear to be happening because you are adding line weight in multiple strokes instead of one confident mark. In regards to the hatching try not to just have your hatch marks floating in the middle of the plane of your box but instead make sure they connect from end to end. Your rough perspective exercises turned out pretty good. It's great that you are keeping up with the confident linework on these. Once again I just want to mention that your added line weight here is really destroying the initially confident marks you are putting down. You are doing a good job extending the lines back on your boxes to check your work although on two of these I think you are using a very light pencil color that doesn't show up well in your photos. I would recommend against using that color for the 250 box challenge when you do the line extensions for those. As you can see some of your perspective estimations were quite off but that will become more intuitive with practice.

Your rotated box exercise turned out pretty well. I like that you drew this nice and big as that really helps when dealing with complex spatial problems. You also did a good job drawing through your boxes and keeping your gaps narrow and consistent. You're struggling a bit with some of the rotations for this exercise which is perfectly fine given the difficulty but this was a good attempt overall. This is a great exercise to come back to after a few lessons to see how much your spatial thinking ability has improved. Your organic perspective exercises are looking pretty good. You seem to be getting comfortable using the ghosting method and drawing from your shoulder for confident linework which is great. Your box constructions are a bit of a mixed bag of solid constructions and wonky ones so the 250 box challenge will be a great next step for you.

Overall this was a solid submission that showed a nice deal of growth. Your line confidence and ellipses are both coming along nicely. Just make sure you work on that habit of redrawing lines and adding line weight that I mentioned. Like I said adding line weight is fine but make sure you put down a confident mark and try and only do it once as doing it multiple times is creating that "hairy" line effect. Otherwise, I think you are understanding most of the concepts these lessons are trying to convey quite well. I'm going to mark this as complete and good luck with the 250 box challenge. Keep up the good work!

Next Steps:

The 250 Box Challenge

This critique marks this lesson as complete.
12:11 PM, Friday February 25th 2022

Thank you so much, it was very helpful!

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