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12:15 AM, Sunday July 19th 2020

Hiya Tayrayz, let's have a look!


  • Your lines for the Repeated Lines exercise don't start at the same spot. Make sure the point where you start the line is precise.

  • Your curves in the Repeated Lines exercise are often jagged. Focus on making sure the flow is smooth.

  • For Ghosted Planes, many of your edges are quite wobbly. In this lesson, you should prioritize smoothness over accurately hitting the dot where you're aiming. Don't think too hard, and use your shoulder as much as possible.

  • Don't try to fix lines, even if they're terrible. That's not the purpose of the exercise.


  • Your Tables of Ellipses are quite jagged and loose. Try making the ellipses smoother by drawing loops from the shoulder in wide motions.

  • Your Funnels ellipses aren't of the same degree. Make sure they're the same shape, just different sizes.


  • You Rough Perspective boxes aren't correctly traced. You're supposed to follow the edges facing toward the horizon to the horizon, not trace the corners to the VP.

  • Rotated Boxes looks amazing!

  • Make sure you're not going back over your lines to try to "fix" them. That only makes them look clumsier. Mistakes are okay!

Next Steps:

I recommend redoing the Ellipses in Planes, Funnels, and Rough Perspective exercises (1 each).

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
9:55 AM, Sunday July 19th 2020

Thanks for the feedback I will do the revisions soon.

5:59 AM, Tuesday July 28th 2020
6:01 AM, Tuesday July 28th 2020

Pen kinda was running out of ink I planing on replacing it soon.

7:39 AM, Tuesday August 4th 2020

Hi again!

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. The rough perspective exercise is a lot better! You'll get much more practice with boxes soon anyway ;) Ellipses are still rough, but that might be due in part to the pen running out of ink. Keep on working at them, and draw some for warm-up if you have the time.

Next Steps:

I think it's time for you to take the plunge into the 250 Box Challenge!

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