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7:40 PM, Tuesday July 14th 2020

I'm new to Drawabox, and just finished the first lesson, but based on Elodin's guide on Lesson 1 critiques, there's a few things you should make sure to take note of for the future.

  1. For your ellipses, you should probably ghost more slowly at first to make sure that the rounded ends hit the walls, then increase your ghosting speed, and then make contact with the paper. Your ellipses are pretty wobbly, so also try to improve line confidence. Draw from your shoulder if you aren't, it's hard at first but it helps a lot.

  2. Don't make line corrections and repeat your lines, even if they're super off - I think Uncomfortable (the drawabox teacher) is really pushing line confidence > accuracy for now.

    1. Make sure you draw your lines through and the lines of the boxes actually hit each other at the corner ends.

    2. Some of the lines on the boxes wobble in order to hit the second plotted point. You should probably aim for confidence > accuracy of the line again.

Overall you did a good job with plotting lines with your boxes, you just need to improve with your ellipses.

Here's the critique guide so you can assess yourself if you want.

9:49 PM, Tuesday July 14th 2020

Cool thank for the critique man I appreciate it I'll be working on that.

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