Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

11:29 AM, Friday May 27th 2022

eXscythe drawabox Lesson 1 homework - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/lY5LLVa.jpg

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Nice to meet you all!

Can I have someone to critique my work please?


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1:32 PM, Saturday May 28th 2022
edited at 12:45 PM, May 29th 2022

Hello, I'm new to giving critiques so I'm hoping that you will find this helpful


-Your superimposed lines are looking nice and confident and you started off from a clear point every time. There is fraying at one end, but this will improve with practice.

-Ghosted lines look great and they have a consistent trajectory. Accuracy cannot be forced just yet, but I believe you will not have to worry about that as you mostly have smooth and confident lines here as well.

-The ghosted planes are the same as the ghosted lines and you did well with the confident strokes.


-Your ellipses are looking great as they are done with confidence and are mostly symmetrical. You also did well with the angles, tidiness, and spacing of them.

-In the ghosted planes they do look a bit unsymmetrical and I would like to mention that they do not have to touch all contact points in the planes. They will stay symmetrical regardless of the position they are in and with well rounded ends. However, you did well with executing them.

-Funnels are looking very good and I see that you kept them symmetrical and aligned with the axis.


-I see that your lines are carried out with confidence and are not repeated. Some of your estimations for the vanishing point are a bit off, but this will improve with further practice.

-On the rotated boxes your lines look more confident and I advise to refer to the lesson each time you use this as a warmup.

-Lastly, the organic boxes look decent and some of the minor issues here will be addressed later in the Box Challenge.

  • Rember to use these as warmups

I'm going to mark this as complete and I belive you can move on :)

Next Steps:

250 Box Challenge

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3:50 PM, Tuesday May 31st 2022

Thank you very much for this really helpful, in depth critique. :)

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