Note Taking

3:08 PM, Tuesday September 13th 2022


I just have a general question for note taking. Is it a good idea? Or is it a waste of time?

The reasoning of why I type out notes is because I am afraid I will forget things, and i'll be able to review all the important info on one page, instead of searching through the drawabox content to find it. The things I take notes on include proper mentality (such as failure and the 50 rule), techniques in general (such as having smoothness over accuracy), and main instructions/points for specific exercises/homework.

Do you guys think taking notes as I go is slowing me down? I type notes not write notes, if that makes a difference.

Thank you for any responses!


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10:50 PM, Tuesday September 13th 2022

Excellent idea, I am actually trying to force myself to do it even more , it really cements the key points in your head.

In terms of slowing down the process, I would say what process ? Filling in pages for homework ? Probably yes, but remember it is about learning and in that case I would say it is not slowing the process but accelerating it.


7:38 PM, Wednesday September 14th 2022

Thank you for your input! I appreciate it!

5:16 PM, Thursday September 15th 2022

No problem

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2:07 AM, Thursday November 17th 2022

I've heard many times that writing with pen on paper helps you remember and focus more on what you're recording. Maybe consider handwriting rather than typing; if it's just a matter of gathering info you don't want to forget, you could just copy and paste, but if you want to absorb the information and have it become a part of you, then handwriting may offer more value.

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