Hello! Grats on clearing up L1!

Lines Good work. I can see that you make good attempts to keep lines confident. Your lines are arcing however, so try to pay attention to your wrist and elbow as you draw, there might be unintended movement.

Ellipses Your ellipses are wobbly. As with lines, you want to get a smooth ellipse first and foremost. As such, you want to ghost mindfully, then execute, fully trusting the ghost, even if this means that your line becomes inaccurate. You also want to keep the motion fluid to reduce any sharp areas in the ellipse. Also, remember to draw through your ellipses 2 times only. In future warmups, you can try to increase the degree of the ellipse along the funnel.

Boxes As with ellipses, you want to keep the quality of the lines as your top priority. In addition, its good to know that you can place as many planning points as you need, ensuring proper front/back faces in the rough perspective exercise. In the rotated boxes exercise (which I'd say is done pretty well), you're missing the corner boxes. Try also to implement line weight and hatching in the future. Organic boxes don't have perfect box shapes, but you'll get to draw 250 boxes soon.

Overall, decent work. I'll mark this as complete. Though, don't forget to do warmups, and keep confidence in mind. Keep up the good work!