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8:50 AM, Wednesday October 5th 2022

Hey ^^ I will be looking over your homework today. I hope it still deems helpful, even though it has been half a month for you.

First of all though, congrats on making it through the first Lesson! This is a feat in itself, since the first step is usually the hardest haha. I will be pointing out what I saw you did good first, before continuing with what I think you can improve on. By the end you will either be able to go on to the 250 Box Challenge or do some revisions.

Lines Your lines cohesively start on the dot you have marked for them. Mostly they're also confident and smooth. However, the meat of the lesson is to ghost your lines before placing them, making them go from Point A to Point B smoothly. Some fraying at one end is totally okay, but I don't have the impression you have ghosted enough times aiming for your Point B. This is the most important part of the Lesson.

For the Ghosted Lines I definitely see improvement though. Some of the lines are very straight-forward and confident. There's still some arching but that's fine. Definitely keep ghosting before placing the mark. If you're not sure how your homework should look like, you can look at completed homeworks by other students or look at Uncomfortable's example. (

Ellipses Your Ellipses look smooth and confident. Sometimes the second go over seems very far apart, so again, take your time ghosting and then place the line. In the Table of Ellipses it actually looks like you became impatient, making the lines sloppy and improper. If you become impatient, rather take a break, than let your homework suffer. Remember that in the Table of Ellipses you should try to stay within the bounds given to you. Some mishaps happen, but we try to avoid them as much as we can. There's no learning opportunity without some challenge in it, right? :>

You seem to have less issues during the Funnel assignment, so I'm guessing it was really just impatience rather than the inability to do it. As I said, just keep an eye on it and take a break if you notice your work starting to lack.

Boxes The essence of these assignments are to give you a first idea of boxes and how they work in perspective, which also gives you first impressions of how perspective works. I think you're on good track to understand them. Your Organic Perspective looks good in that sense. Good job on really making it look like the boxes are disappearing into the distance!

The most important part during the boxes assignments are the lines. They're the foundation your boxes are built on and if they look wobbly, so will the box, obviously.

Even though your lines have been better before, now they just look really sloppy again. I can see the dots you placed to ghost them, but I don't have the impression you actually did. Ghost them five, ten, twenty times if you need. Yes, every single line. It's hard, I know. Especially in the beginning but as you start improving you won't need to ghost each line twenty times anymore but only five times. Doing the hard work now will save you a lot of work down the line and it's not gonna get easier from here on.

Now, I want to add onto your 'I took five months' remark. Yes, you should take your time and you most of all shouldn't stress yourself too much about this. It's a learning experience and it takes time. However I want to advise you to maybe set some sort of routine. Maybe you work on it once a week, or twice a week. The thing with five months is, it's a hell of a lot of time. And by the time you sit back to continue your homework you will have forgotten what you did two months ago and your hand will too. I'm guessing that's why your lines actually became worse during the box assignment. If you don't do something, you will forget and that is true for everybody. It is your decision ultimately. This is just my advice for it.

Before you head to the 250 Box Challenge, I'd like you to do another two Pages of the Superimposed Lines and one of the Table of Ellipses. Just to get you back on track before the challenge. Don't forget to answer to this post with another Link to the Revisions so I can look over them!

Wishing you lots of luck and patience ^^

Next Steps:

  • 2 Pages of Superimposed Lines

  • 1 Page of Table of Ellipses

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
10:33 AM, Sunday October 23rd 2022

Hey! Thank you for the feedback! I stopped checking my homework page so I'm sorry that I missed it. I only do draw-a-box whenever I feel like it, so I'm definitely not seeing progress because I keep forgetting what I learn in between sessions. I'll definitely be more consistent with it going forward.

Here is the link to the revisions:

You were very kind with the critique, thank you for the help!

8:13 AM, Wednesday October 26th 2022

Hey there! Glad to hear from you ^^ And no worries! When I'm not actively doing something I don't check daily either haha

I see a bunch of progress from those, keep it up!! Just include those in your 15 minute warm-ups before working on anything Draw a Box related :>

I'm glad I could help you out! I'm gonna clear you for the 250 Box Challenge, good luck and have fun!

Next Steps:

Head onto the 250 Box Challenge

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