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10:33 AM, Sunday October 23rd 2022

Hey! Thank you for the feedback! I stopped checking my homework page so I'm sorry that I missed it. I only do draw-a-box whenever I feel like it, so I'm definitely not seeing progress because I keep forgetting what I learn in between sessions. I'll definitely be more consistent with it going forward.

Here is the link to the revisions:

You were very kind with the critique, thank you for the help!

8:13 AM, Wednesday October 26th 2022

Hey there! Glad to hear from you ^^ And no worries! When I'm not actively doing something I don't check daily either haha

I see a bunch of progress from those, keep it up!! Just include those in your 15 minute warm-ups before working on anything Draw a Box related :>

I'm glad I could help you out! I'm gonna clear you for the 250 Box Challenge, good luck and have fun!

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Head onto the 250 Box Challenge

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