Hello I’ll be handling the critique for your lesson 1 homework.


-The superimposed lines are off to a great start as you have always started at a clearly defined point and kept all of the wavering on one side, you have also drawn them with a good deal of confidence. There is fraying at the ends but this will disappear with practice

-Moving on to the ghosted lines, these are also drawn with confidence even if you are going to miss the ending point, which is good. You can try to take your lines to the next level by applying the approach mentioned here.

-The ghosted planes are no different from the ghosted lines, here your linework is also looking confident.


-Starting with the tables of ellipses, these are looking very tidy instead of rushed and I can clearly see that you have kept in mind the degree, angle, spacing and alignment of these. Main thing here is that you should always aim to draw symmetrical ellipses, with well rounded ends.

-The ellipses in planes are turning out nicely, I just have one reminder for you. You might be thinking that the center of the ellipses is the same as the center of the planes or that you should modify the elliptical ellipse shape so it touches the contact points, but this is not the case. Ellipses have to be symmetrical and have the same shape regardless of where they are, so the only things you can change is how wide the ellipse is and which position it is in.

-The funnels are turning out well, as the ellipses are fitting snugly within the funnels shape and they don’t spill out of the boundaries, it is also great to see that your ellipses have not stiffened and are very smooth. You need to keep working on the alignment, you have some ellipses that are tilting off the minor axis, as shown here, keep in mind that the axis should cut the ellipses into equal halves.


-Starting with the rough perspective, your linework is looking confident which has helped your boxes look more solid and believable, but you need to keep working on the alignment, keep in mind that the horizontal lines should be parallel to the horizon line and the vertical ones should be perpendicular to it. Lastly, your estimations to the vanishing point are good and they will get better with practice.

-Your rotated boxes are turning out well,I can clearly see that you have thought about the rotation, but remember to keep the gaps between boxes narrow and consistent, this will make it easier to use the sides of adjacent boxes as hints, and your guesswork will be more accurate.

-Finishing with the organic perspective, your linework is looking very confident and you are already making some good attempts at the perspective of the boxes. I only have a minor observation: do not repeat your lines, if you make a mistake leave it like that and do not try to correct it by drawing on top of it as it only makes it stand out more. You don’t do this often but it is important to keep in mind. One last thing is that you can add lineweight to the parts of outer lines that overlap with other boxes to clarify which ones are on top and which behind, so give it a try next attempt you have at the exercise.

You did a nice job on this lesson, and you only have a few things to work on, so I’ll go ahead and mark this lesson as complete now you can move on to the box challenge.