Texture almost get it !

8:06 AM, Monday May 9th 2022

Hello !

I am in trouble from the beginning with the textures but I come closer and closer to the solution. The wheel challenge and its critique help a lot.

After sleeping on it I have a question : I have understood that we focus on the cast shadow, so we do not draw the wall of the bumps or the holes.

Does it mean that we do not see texture if we cannot see "the floor" where they should cast ? In this case I should not draw texture when the planes are at the level of the eye ?

Here a picture to illustrate my point :

Best regards !


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11:04 PM, Monday May 9th 2022

In the example you illustrated, with the holes being seen from a fairly low angle (resulting in no cast shadows falling on the visible portions of those walls), then you are correct - there would be nothing to actually draw. That said, you might still use some trickery, implying the presence of the holes with a partial curve. The focus largely comes down to communicating - identify what it is that you wish to convey to the viewer, and then do what you can to get it across. Even if the result is not 100% realistic (in that nothing would be visible), consider that a purely stark black and white view of an object is also not realistic.

Take a look at this diagram. What I mean by a partial curve is something like the mark labelled "very shallow", next to the three checkmarks.

1:04 PM, Wednesday May 11th 2022

Thanks ! Understood ! I have thought exactly to that solution for the plane.

And what about example with the bump on the curvilinear surface ?

Best regards !


9:30 PM, Wednesday May 11th 2022

Also correct. If the surface upon which the shadow is cast is not visible, then the shadow is not visible. But, with the example you drew, there was still enough visual information to identify the distinct forms that are present.

7:01 AM, Monday May 16th 2022

Thanks !

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