250 Box Challenge - Inconsistent Issues

10:10 PM, Sunday January 8th 2023

I'm working on the 250 box challenge and one thing which I am struggling to see consistent issues, things are wrong, but not wrong in ways I can identify as similar, I feel like I don't know enough to know what I'm doing wrong maybe?, admittedly I'm only 20 boxes in so maybe too soon to actually see such patterns.

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8:14 PM, Monday January 9th 2023
edited at 8:15 PM, Jan 9th 2023

20 boxes is still very early on in the challenge and it should start to click further on. Patterns should emerge as you get further into the challenge and the way you'll see the boxes will change greatly. Mistakes will become more obvious. I will echo PandaCatLad, as long as you understand the objectives you're shooting for then you should be alright.

I'd be happy to look at a few of your boxes, if you'd like some feedback.

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9:29 AM, Monday January 9th 2023

It started to make a little bit more sense to me after the 100th box or so, as long as all the lines converge on a 3- point perspective kind of way you're doing it right

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8:30 PM, Monday January 9th 2023

What always helps is to go back to the videos and read the material again. I'm on box 185 now and experience that boxes will get better and worse again and then better again. Just keep going and look forward to that moment when you'll groe more confident with practice.

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4:15 PM, Tuesday January 10th 2023

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mxQxWdLo9Y I don't know if you watched this video, but it helped me a lot with getting the hang of the challenge.

I also hope that this picture can help you as well :)


https://tasty-tangy-meeting.glitch.me/ I hope this one can help clarify things for you, It's a Y generator to help you with how to start building your boxes

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