my lines kinda bend

1:54 PM, Tuesday September 21st 2021

hii, im noob here and started from lesson 1 and when im doing superimposed lines my lines kind of bend for some reason. im drawing with my full arm but the shorter lines tend to bend less and longer lines bend in the center a bit sometimes more and ,most of times they go wavy.

i keep my pen at start then at the tend try to stop by kind of lifting it before it ends.

im practicing superimposed and ghosted lines.

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3:50 AM, Wednesday September 22nd 2021
edited at 3:53 AM, Sep 22nd 2021

When you try and draw a straight line and it has a bend in it (or a few waves), the next line you draw try and draw the opposite or a mirror image of it.

For example its exactly like how sound canceling headphones work by creating an opposite sound wave therefore cancelling out sound and in our case bent lines.

heres a picture that i think gets the pint across well.

edit: credit to Peter Han who told i learnt this from (i made the headphone analogy tho)

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4:36 AM, Wednesday September 22nd 2021

thanks man i will try that and share my work, i am also thinking of starting homework submissions here.

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10:34 AM, Wednesday September 22nd 2021

It probably means you haven't got the coordination or strength in your shoulder and arm yet. You just need to keep trying and adjusting to get a straight line until you get there.

I used these exercises as a warm up for day after day to build the strength and control .

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