Arrows : Your arrows are wobbly. Try going with a faster, more confident, line. Use the ghosting method before doing them. You can add more superimposed streamlines in your warm ups, especially curved lines. Also, as the arrows get narrower, they should get closer and closer (go see first image of lesson 2).

Organic forms : They are solid. Though the degree of ellipses and contour lines should vary a lot more.

Textures : In the texture analysis, the one on the bottom of the page seems to be focused on contours more than cast shadows. The ones on the organic forms warp well around them, but you could try going for a better gradient, like in the last box of the texture analysis exercice. It makes of a better image and could save you time.

Intersections : In the form intersections, you have good intersection. Some of the lines are wobly and a lot of the line wieght stops in the middle of the line. The ghosting method should be used with all lines, and all of them should be traced in a confident way. Line weight aren't exception. Your organic intersection are good, but the cast shadows have wobbly edges. Try tracing the edges in a confident manner, using the ghosting method. Then you can fill them in carefully.

Overall if I say you have a weakness it would be the wobbly lines. Don't forget the priority here. First, make them strait and confident. Second, make them hit the mark. Third, don't make them overshoot. I feel you are sacrificing the first priority for the second. Try to get more comfortable with confident lines using ghosted planes and superimposed lines in warm ups. You will have a second chance for the arrows in the lesson 3. Continue your hard work!