Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

10:59 PM, Wednesday February 12th 2020

drawabox practice - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://m.imgur.com/a/XJVjDgC

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Those ellipses man! They were such a pain. Not gonna lie, I don't like how most of the exercises came out. Oh, and I'm incredibly sorry for the low-medium quality scans, I hope they're still readable! Thanks in advance for the critique!

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6:59 AM, Friday February 14th 2020

Yo! Grats on clearing lesson 1! Your scan quality is fine btw, its just the darker patches, but its mostly fine.

Onward with the crit!

Superimposed lines: Mostly fine. Decent confidence all around. There's a small amount of double end fraying, though, so do bear that in mind.

Ghosted lines: Excellent work all around. There's occasional curving of your lines, but its mostly nice, straight, and confident. Good work!

Ghosted planes: Again, great job! Similar crit to ghosted lines.

Table of ellipses: Your ellipses here are a little off-shape. Remember to ghost the ellipses before executing. This helps to mitigate the "weirder" ellipses like eggs and stretched circles. Your lines are nice and confident, though, so kudos on that!

Ellipses in planes: Nice, confident and smooth. There's a little bit of issues with some inaccuracies, but otherwise, I think this is some fine work.

Funnels: I'll reiterate the thing about ghosting again. There's some really mishapen ellipses in this section. Trust your ghosting when executing. Remember also to rotate the page appropriately before ghosting to prevent tilting of your ellipses.

Plotted perspective: You might wanna to remember hatching in the future. Its fine otherwise.

Rough perspective: Do remember never to sacrifice line quality for accuracy. Here, I see more arcing/curving of your lines unlike in the lines section. I understand that shorter lines get annoying to ghost for, but do remember to take your time for each line. Even if the line becomes inaccurate, always maintain confidence.

Rotated boxes: I think you can draw a little larger in the future to make things easier on execution. That aside, I think this is an okay attempt. I do like the bottom left quadrant though. The lines there all converge appropriately, on both the top and bottom faces. The other lines don't quite perfectly converge, but this quadrant seems to have it down right. Strive for stuff like this.

Organic perspective: Obviously, box construction isn't perfect, but you'll get acquainted with that real soon. Aside from that, I think you can push the "bigger=closer" idea a little more. Especially in the further boxes. I think you can make them even smaller to reinforce this effect.

Overall, I think you've done a pretty solid submission. More often than not, I see confidence, and you seem to have grasped the concepts of the lessons well. Give yourself a pat on the back, keep it up!

Next Steps:

Move on to the 250 box challenge. Good luck!

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2:20 PM, Friday February 14th 2020

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the critique and I'll keep those mistakes in mind for the future!

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6:26 AM, Friday February 14th 2020


Lines look good, though you'll sometimes arc to meet your end point- try to be a little less conscious of it. Ellipses are quite confident, as they should be, so no problems on that front, either. They'll tighten up in time. In the funnels exercise, though, be careful that their degree increases as they move away from the center. The box section is quite nice, too. Careful not to redo lines, though. If a line it's wrong, it's wrong. Spend a little longer ghosting the next one, if anything.

Anyway, this is a solid submission, so congrats, and GL on the next one.

Next Steps:

250 Box Challenge

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2:31 PM, Friday February 14th 2020

Thank you!! I'll take this critique to heart.

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