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7:06 PM, Tuesday March 31st 2020

The imposed and ghosted lines feel very confident, however the ghosted lines kinda curve a bit. Just go with the flow and try to keep it straight, don't worry about accuracy too much. One thing to help out is to find a comfortable position with your shoulder and to relax the your muscles so that it'll flow better. Your planes feel confident and look great!

4:00 PM, Saturday April 4th 2020

Thanks a lot for the feedback!!! Yeah, I'll need to work on using the soulder/elbow, takes a while to get used to that movement.

5:24 PM, Saturday April 4th 2020

it'll take some time to get used to working from the shoulder, it can also be a work out sometimes, lol. just remember not to grind and to take breaks so that you dont stress yourself out.

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11:15 AM, Tuesday May 19th 2020

This lesson was already reviewed in another post, so I'm marking this duplicate as complete in order to remove it from the queue.

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