Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

2:21 PM, Tuesday October 26th 2021

Lesson 1 - Album on Imgur

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I am midway through the 250 box challenge and decided to upload my work for the first lesson.

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4:14 PM, Thursday January 6th 2022

Hi, I'll critique your work.


Your Superimposed Lines look really confident. There isn't a whole lot of wobbling here, so nice job letting your arm do its best. Some improvements would be to work on the starting point (particularly in the longer lines), and also trying to minimize fraying on the longer lines. But fraying is completely normal, so don't worry.

Ghosted Lines look pretty good as well. For the most part, you prioritized confidence. As a result, your marks are really smooth. It doesn't seem like you have a problem with actually ghosting. So I'd say just ghost as many times as it takes for your arm to get comfortable with the motion.

It looks like your lines got better with the Ghosted Planes. There are some wobbly lines here and there, but overall these marks are wonderfully smooth. If anything, time and practice will help you get even better.


I don't really see your confidence letting up on the Tables of Ellipses. A great deal of the ellipses are smooth. You might want to work on the evenness of your ellipses next. Ghost as much as you need to make the ellipse even. Other than that, accuracy needs some improvement. But don't prioritze that over confidence. We'd much rather have smooth ellipses that miss the space, than wobbly ellipses that are accurate. That said, this was nicely done.

Your Ellipses in Planes look better. Confidence is still there, you worked a lot on your accuracy, and you're working on evenness a bit. Nice job.

Your Funnels look great as well. You worked with confidence, and your ellipses are cut evenly by the center line. Excellent work on the evenness too. You nailed this one.


Nice job on Plotted Perspective. Looks like you took your time carefully plotting each individual line with the vanishing point.

Rough Perspective looks a bit rough. Your lines got a bit wobbly. But for the most part, you did this exercise well.

Rotated Boxes look REALLY good. There is significant rotation as each new box goes away from the viewer. And you kept your gaps narrow, allowing you to make each line well. Excellent job overall.

Your Organic Perspective boxes look rough. But this is our first time making boxes without any real clues. You did a swell job making closer boxes bigger and farther ones smaller. So nice job.


You started off strong and confident, and finished nicely with the same approach. There is some room for improvement, but you sticked with the instructions most of the time and had a lot of confidence working these out. So I'll mark this complete. Good luck with the 250 Box Challenge.

Next Steps:

The 250 Box Challenge

Take your time plotting out each line, approach each mark with the same confidence, and do your best. Do not be afraid of mistakes, as they're part of learning. There can be mistakes even onto the 250th box. So don't sweat for perfection, just aim at becoming better each time.

(By the way, we aren't really supposed to go to the next lesson/challenge without at least some kind of critique. Because who knows if we're actually good to go or not? But I'll let it slide this time. Just next time, wait until someone critiques your work. In the meantime, you can catch up on the 50% fun-drawing-time rule. Best of luck with the Box challenge)

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7:43 PM, Saturday January 15th 2022

Thank you very much for the critique. While reading what you said I looked at my drawings and could not agree more with your observations. I will finish 250 boxes challenge and upload soon. Thanks again.

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