Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

5:31 AM, Sunday August 23rd 2020

Draw A Box: Lesson 1 by Sanchita - Album on Imgur

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The most difficulty I have faced with drawing rotated box from the corners. Will be really glad to have some guideance there. Overall hoping to receive some constructive feedback on enire lesson 1 assignment. Thank you.

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2:06 PM, Sunday August 23rd 2020

Heya, Sanchita! Let's get straight to it:

First, Lines. Your lines on the Super Imposed Lines exercise are done well, and the same can be said about your lines on the Ghosted lines and Ghosted Planes exercise. However, in the latter exercises, I noticed that some of your lines didn't reach their point successfully, or just overshot it, despite the line being drawn straight and confidently. An easy fix to this would be when you're drawing your line, try lifting your pen off of the page as soon as you reach that second dot.

For the Ellipses, in the Ellipses in Planes Exercise, I saw that almost all of your ellipses were drawn through more than three times; the ideal number of times to draw through your ellipses would be two or three (remember, practice makes progress! We're not trying to get it perfect the first time around; the more you draw them, the better they'll get over time!). In the Table of Ellipses exercise and the Funnels exercise, I don't see this problem occur again, but something that should be mentioned is the use of space, especailly in the Table of Ellipses. In that exercise, everything should sit comfortably within the boundaries of the table you drew beforehand, rather than going outside of them, or in your case not making use of the entire space. Otherwise, everything else is fine.

Finally, Boxes: In your Rough Perspective exercise, the lines on your boxes should parallel and perpendicular to their horizon, and while most of your boxes do that just fine for the most part, some of those lines - especially those going back towards you vanishing point - tend to slant in some odd way, making the form of the boxes look off to the average veiwer. For the Rotated Boxes, it looks like you had some trouble, as some boxes just don't line up with the others, or just weren't drawn on the page. Of course, this exercise is one of the harder ones, so you're not expected to do it perfectly - you're not even expected to do it well, but the point is to be able to guage how these boxes rotate in a 3D setting and their relation to each other.


Your Organic Perspective has a lot to unpack, so I made a completely seperate paragraph for it; anyhow, I noticed right off the bat that you made quite a few mistakes with your first few lines, specifically your lines that determine where your boxes will be rotating in space (the white-out kinda gives it away). Your first page is pretty rough compared to your second, where it looks like you were starting to get the hang of it, so everything I'm metioning right now will be entirely focused on the first one. First off, some of your lines for your boxes are drawn over multiple times, and I cannot stress this enough, Do Not try and fix your lines this way! If you want to get your lines straight the first time around, try using the ghosting method, and if it doesn't turn out exactly the way you envision it, that's okay! Just take a step back for a moment, figure out where you went wrong, and try again; your mistakes are there to help you learn, embrace them!

(On another note, I also saw that the way you drew your boxes was either in a rightside-up "y" or downward facing "y", which isn't as much of a problem as it is an observation.)

Hope this helped!

Next Steps:

250 Boxes Challenge

Onward! This challenge is a tough one, but it will give you practice with the things you had trouble with on lesson 1, like perspective.

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12:39 PM, Wednesday August 26th 2020

Hey Aniterril!

Thank you so much for your detailed feedback. This is SO helpful. :)

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