250 Box Challenge

12:32 PM, Tuesday September 12th 2023

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You may notice that I change the colors I use at some point

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7:14 PM, Monday February 19th 2024


I agree.

Things that were done well

  • Strong improvement over time was seen. The first boxes had sets of lines that were rather parallel, which is a common issue, but at around box number 100, they started converging a lot more.

  • There was clear thought put into the construction of the boxes. Just like the previous item, boxes felt less auto-pilot after a certain point.

  • The back corner was placed well a lot of the time. This is probably the hardest thing to do in the lesson, so good work on that.

Things that could be improved

  • Line fidelity. There is a recurring issue where a bunch of lines per page are not straight or have significant wobble. This is usually an execution issue, where there is not enough ghosting or shoulder motion, compounded with the difficulty of constructing boxes. Consider re-visiting the fundamentals in lesson 1.

  • The boxes with shallow convergence (i.e. VP is far away) tend to have one line converge too quickly. This is an issue mainly seen in the last 75 or so boxes, especially in the larger ones. Pay attention to the angles between lines, and that should help with seeing the boxes converge.

  • There was a lack of diversity in the boxes at the start and beginning, the worst offender being that central box in the last 10 or so pages. It generally improves understanding of 3D space if many different orientations of boxes are drawn, so don't forget to vary it up.


  • Hatching the front face is a great exercise to reason about which plane faces the viewer, reinforcing spatial reasoning.

  • Do not use Imgur since it's a crap website that constantly messes with ordering and occasionally disappears your images. Some of the early pages are out of order, and I am sure that you didn't do that intentionally.

Overall, I think this is complete. There are areas that need some polishing, but there is ample time to improve. Good luck with lesson 2.

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Lesson 2

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8:04 AM, Thursday February 22nd 2024

Thanks for the critique . What do you think about using Pinterest instead of imgur, I know that a lot of people use Google drive but I wonder if Pinterest would be appropriate for Draw a box.

I also agree with your points, especially the line woobliness as it is something I always struggle with. Thank you again for the critique

4:29 AM, Friday February 23rd 2024

I've never used Pinterest before, but I can recommend Google Drive. The only problem is that it requires a Google account, but it will hide your email.

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A lot of my students use these. The last time I used them was when I was in high school, and at the time I felt that they dried out pretty quickly, though I may have simply been mishandling them. As with all pens, make sure you're capping them when they're not in use, and try not to apply too much pressure. You really only need to be touching the page, not mashing your pen into it.

In terms of line weight, the sizes are pretty weird. 08 corresponds to 0.5mm, which is what I recommend for the drawabox lessons, whereas 05 corresponds to 0.45mm, which is pretty close and can also be used.

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