this is intriguing, I'll be dropping some critics on this exercise to the best of my ability.

organic arrow: perfect

organic forms: is also perfect but some of your ellipses degree are the same, the ellipses facing the viewer will be 90 degree while the ellipses facing away from the viewer will also be 90 degree but it depends on how you construct your sausage form, the ellipses tilting from the viewer will be 45 degree while the ellipses which is side is facing the viewer will be 0 degree but in this lesson we're only making use of the 90 and 45 degree of ellipses because our form isn't flat like and it's looks round, in order for us to create a great convincing illusion of depth in our 2d drawing to make it looks 3d to make it looks like the form is really round like we won't be using the 0 degree ellipses. if you don't understand this you can go through the notes and with continues warm-ups, you'll improve.

texture and dissection exercise are great.

shape intersection: some of your line weights are wobbly so make confident lines and add shading to your forms.

organic intersection: your shadow aren't well casted, the shadows are said to be casted around the form and on top of the surface it's on. read through the note and go through the video for more information. and don't forget to drop some critics on mine, let's help each other improve by cooperating and helping each other out .

good luck on your next lesson