Overall, well done!

Your lines are overall smooth, confident, and crisp. A common theme I’m seeing through your lines and box exercises is there are repeated/corrected lines. No matter how tempting it is, don’t correct the lines. Stick to what you initially laid down, even if it’s wrong.

Ellipses are also starting off strong with confidence. There are a couple that get a little wobbly, but not too bad. It’s great you are drawing through the ellipses, but they are generally drawn through too many times. 2-3 times, no less and no more, will suffice.

Rough perspective:

You’ve done a nice job generally maintaining the horizontal lines to be parallel to the horizon line and vertical line perpendicular to it. Don’t forgot to draw ALL convergence lines back to the vanishing point, and only do so after you’ve drawn the boxes.

Rotated boxes:

Nice job getting through this exercise! Unfortunately, there is an overuse of corrected lines, making it a little difficult to make out some of the forms. However, from what I can see, there are some boxes that are not quite rotating, especially along the outer edges.

Organic perspective:

Overall, you’re off to a nice start. As the boxes move along the path, they get gradually smaller and convey a sense that they are moving away from the viewer. There are a few boxes’ set of parallel lines that diverge, making the planes further away from the viewer appear larger. But no worries, as you’ll get to work on this more in the 250 box challenge.

With that, congratulations on completing lesson 1!