Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

3:48 PM, Wednesday April 8th 2020

sillysnek's drawabox lesson 1 - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/mxO7CuC.jpg

Post with 1 views. sillysnek's drawabox lesson 1

Hello everybody!

This is my lesson 1 + extra 1 page of superimposed lines and 2 pages of ghosted planes.

I'm planning to tackle 250 box box challenge after this, I would like to know whether my lines are good enough for me to do the 250 box challenge or should I improve them beforehand. And, of course, other critique will be appreciated.

Ghosted line image is slightly broken (bottom part is shifted to right a bit).

These images are sorted by exercises (extra pages I've done are moved to end). I devote ~30 mins per day for drawing these challenges and you can look at dates to see how much every piece took me.

Thank you for your time,


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7:45 PM, Wednesday April 8th 2020

Lines are Just a little wobbly. But overall really good. Especially in the Cones part. Please also check mine.

Next Steps:

250 Box Challenge. I'd also be starting it today.

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3:42 PM, Sunday April 12th 2020

You're good to tackle the 250 challenge as it's probably a good exercise for practicing your lines as well. We can already see you getting better with those exercise so that should not be a problem with some practice.

One word on the ellipses : If you feel like working on those again maybe you could try aiming less for accuracy and more for a confident stroke, they feel a bit too "careful" :)

Good luck with the 250 boxes !

Next Steps:

250 boxes

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4:48 PM, Monday May 18th 2020

Hi, Sillysnek. I'm checking old incomplete submissions and I stumbled upon yours. You submitted this lesson a long time ago, but sadly that's the problem with a system powered by volunteers only!

What I'm gonna do now is agreeing with another user's review in order to mark your lesson as complete, but I'll still give you some feedback here.


Your lines are ok for the most part. When superimposing your lines in the first 2 pages you have to make sure that the starting point it's not messy and fraying. It's ok if that happens on the far end, but for the starting point you should be more careful.

Ghosted lines shows instead that you lost some confidence and as a result many lines look uncertain and wobbly. Here it's not important to be accurate, but to be committed. The right side of the page looks way more confident tho, so you probably understood this exercise well enough.


The same principle applies here for your ellipses: remember to always draw them with your shoulder and ghost them a few times before committing a couple of confident passes. It doesn't matter if they're not that precise. Apart from that, they look pretty fine, and the ellipses in your funnels show that you cared about aligning their minor axis correctly.


Everything seems ok, i see some problems in your organic perspective boxes that are completely normal in this stage: always check where your VPs are for each box, and when you draw every side you have to check if it converges to his VP. But that something you can train on the next step, the 250 box challenge.

Also remember to draw bigger boxes, expecially on that challenge - it will help you improve faster.

Nice job and good luck!

Next Steps:

250 box challenge

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