Mar2020 Doodles

1:47 AM, Wednesday April 1st 2020

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Doodles for March. Been making the most of my quarantine time. Experimented heavy with water colors, markers and brush pens this time around. Heavily influenced by Rainland Studios (Instagram) at the moment. My "How to think when you draw Vol. 1 + 2" by Lorenzo Etherington also arrived. Lots of robots, creatures and dwellings.


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2:37 AM, Wednesday April 1st 2020

Thanks for sharing! I don't have any criticism to give since I am just starting out, but this is great inspiration :)

3:53 PM, Monday April 6th 2020

Thanks man! Appreciate the feedback. Piece of advice I like to give beginners, remember its not a sprint or marathon, learning art is cross-continental journey that will test everything. Don't get too stressed or frustrated. Take it day by day.

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2:38 AM, Monday April 6th 2020

Hi Alan, thanks for sharing! Love all of these, I especially really like the water color ones - very vibrant

3:51 PM, Monday April 6th 2020

Hey man thanks alot! Between lessons I like to experiment with new mediums. Keeps things fresh.

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