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7:28 PM, Thursday April 25th 2024

Hi again!

I do think that you are headed in the right direction with these!

I could mark this lesson as complete and that would make sense in allowing you to proceed to the next section. However, I also think it would be worthwhile to try experimenting with your approach.

I'm going to try to make a little video to explain how to think about the sausages method and the skull method — when I do I'll share it. It might take me a week or so, but I'd rather show it than write it.

9:29 PM, Thursday April 25th 2024

Okay, I can wait for that; Thank you for putting the extra time into critiquing my work, it means a lot.

7:32 PM, Friday April 26th 2024

You're welcome; My goal is Wednesday!

4:48 AM, Wednesday May 1st 2024


Here are some videos I tried making to cover specific thoughts about sausages and head construction.

Sausage Construction:

Head Construction:

In addition to these video critiques I wanted to mention that your sketches appear at times to be rushed. For example the way that you did not draw the last antler of the deer demo, and instead drew more of a pointy triangle shape. While doing our drawings, we may be moving the pen quickly for confident strokes, but the overall process should not be rushed. Each mark you make is just as important as any other. Each one is worth rehearsing thoughtfully.

Even if you make 5 lines and then step away for a few minutes, that is better than doing the drawing in one sitting if doing so will tempt you to rush through it. How long in general are you taking to do the head demos?

Please feel free to offer your thoughts as you take in this feedback. And keep it up.

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I would not recommend this for Drawabox - we use brush pens for filling in shadow shapes, and you do not need a pen this fancy for that. If you do purchase it, save it for drawing outside of the course.

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