The Superimposed Lines: They are quite wobble. You should make it clear between drawing straight line and curve line. The instructor want us to focus on the straight line rather than the curve line. But it's o.k. if you would like to draw curve lines. Please make it clear. Because it seems that your long straight lines are curved.

The Ghosted Lines: They are wobble. Using the ghost method before drawing. There are 3 steps of the ghost method, right (Plan, prepare and execute)? It will help us to clarify what we're going to do.

The ghosted planes : The same issue is about wobble lines.

Table of Ellipses : They are quite loose, not nudged each other and some are overlapped. In each small frame, you should draw same size and same angle of each ellipsis. It's important to draw in each scope. It will help us to form ellipsis.

Ellipsis in Planes : There are a single line on ellipsis. On each ellipsis should be drawn 2-3 times.

Funnel : Ellipses are tilt or slant. And the funnel exercise is for practicing the different degree of ellipses due to the viewer. Your ellipses of funnel are same angle, quite loose, not touch each other.

The Plotted Perspective : There is a box which I mark on the image that you hatched the wrong side of the box. That side is not facing to the viewer. https://imgur.com/a/3yRLtEH

The Rough Perspective : The lines of the boxes are wobble. Although most of those lines the width lines be parallel to horizon and height lines perpendicular to horizon, the straight lines are also important.

The Rotated Boxes : They are out of shape. Please watch the video, read the text again. I had the problem when I first draw the rotated boxes. Therefore, I follow step by step on the video. Finally it's better and also my understanding.

The Organic Boxes : The ground of this exercise is near and far object. It's related to the size of the box. So revise the lesson again and make it clear for you.

If you have any questions, please join the discord. You could put your questions. There are many people can help you.