Questions about routines/going about doing the homework

3:25 AM, Sunday April 3rd 2022

I have now learned that I have not been reading the lessons nearly as often as I should, and now I'm wondering how much preparation I should put in before going to do homework for the lessons.

I now understand I am supposed to read through the lectures every time I go to do homework, but should I watch through the videos as well? Additionally, when is the best time to do warmups - before reading through the text, or afterwards? If someone could provide me with their general schedule/order of operations to base my own off of it would be much appreciated :D

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11:19 PM, Sunday April 3rd 2022

Here's what I do when I'm doing the assignments:

Step 1. Do a 10 minute warmup.

- Typically I'll skim through the reading of a previous homework assignment, whichever I feel would both help me the most and refresh my memory on something I haven't done in a while, though it would be best to fully read through the article just to ensure you understand the assignment. 

- Uncomfortable recommends you do 2 homework warmups within the 10 minute time frame, but don't expect to finish most assignments within that time frame.

- My reasoning for doing the 10 minute warmup first is so when I begin the homework assignment, I don't forget what I just read by the time I finish the warmup.

Step 2. If I haven't watched the video yet for the new lesson/homework assignment I'm starting, watch the video, and then read through the article. Then, begin on the homework.

- If I don't get through the entire homework assignment in a given session, then I'll skim through the article before beginning again, just like with the warmups, though, like the warmups, it may be best to actually fully read through the homework article.

Extra Step 3. You didn't ask about this but I thought it might be worth mentioning. I typically create a list of things I want to achieve before I go and fulfill my debt to the 50% rule, and typically decide to pause my lessons and go work on the 50% rule whenever my debt racks up to 3 hours (I do time myself for all of this)

Let me know if I missed anything!

3:49 AM, Monday April 4th 2022

This was just what I needed, thank you :D

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