Hi there, I'll be handling your box challenge critique.

Before getting started I need to ask that in the future you limit your submission to just a quick intro and any questions you may have (pointing out huge mistakes as well can be fine but you should be careful to avoid any in the future). This may seem a bit strict but please understand that we do try to read through it all to check for questions and even if it only adds a couple of extra minutes, it adds up quickly across multiple submission. We don't want it to influence our critique and want to use our time the best we can to get to those who need help.

To quickly address some of the things you brought up:

  • I'm not sure what you mean by horizontal vanishing points. You possibly mean you pushed your vanishing points to infinity or switched to different styles of perspective. If so both are mistakes but are visible in your work so will be discussed below.

  • Seeing as hatching is optional this isn't an issue that is worth asking for a total redo or revisions over, but in the future the only tasks you should use a ruler for are clearly stated like in the 2 point perspective exercise in lesson 1 or extending your lines in this challenge. Everything else should be freehanded.

  • Line weight is tricky but the only way to improve is to build up mileage practicing it, it is however optional.

  • Vanishing points for the first 50 is something introduced in the new revamped challenge which was released recently. We expect older submissions to still come in for quite a while so it isn't a requirement, though I will encourage you to read/watch through the updated challenge as it may help reinforce/clarify the concepts introduced in the challenge.

  • Part of why we use ink is so that we have to work with our mistakes, redrawing doesn't erase them and just makes your work less tidy. It's a bad habit, try not to do so going forward.

  • Glad you feel your understanding of 3D space has improved, it's also apparent in the example you provided of your work prior to the challenge.

Hopefully that's everything addressed, as mentioned above, please limit your submission in the future as it can be time consuming to read/address things that aren't just questions. With all that out of the way let's get to your critique.

Congratulations on completing the box challenge, it's definitely a lot more work than most people expect. Not only does it help deepen your understanding of important concepts but it shows your desire to learn as well. Be proud of what you've accomplished and that desire you've shown. That being said I'll try to keep this critique fairly brief so you can get working on the next steps as soon as possible.

Things you did well:

  • Your construction lines are looking smooth and confidently drawn when they're not being redrawn.

  • You're doing a good job of experimenting with orientations, proportions and rates of foreshortening. Experimenting is an important habit to build when learning any new skill, it helps form a more well rounded understanding. I hope you'll continue to display and nurture this habit in the future.

Things you can work on:

  • Hatching should be freehanded as mentioned previously.

  • You tend to draw fairly small, I'd like you to draw larger in the future. Drawing large will help you become more comfortable working from the shoulder and allow you to see any mistakes you've made more clearly.

  • There are times when your lines converge in pairs or you attempt to keep your lines a bit too parallel which results in them diverging. This is an example of lines converging in pairs, and this shows the relation between each line in a set and their respective vanishing point. The inner pair of lines will be quite similar unless the box gets quite long and the outer pair can vary a lot depending on the location of the vanishing point. Move it further away and the lines become closer to parallel while moving it closer increases the rate of foreshortening.

The key things we want to remember from this exercise are that our lines should always converge as a set not in pairs, never diverge from the vanishing point and due to perspective they won't be completely parallel.

Overall while you did make a few mistakes your boxes are improving so far and with more mileage you'll continue to become more consistent. That being said I'll be marking your submission as complete and move you on to lesson 2.

Be sure to look through the updated box challenge before moving on.

Keep practicing previous exercises and boxes as warm ups, and good luck.