Heyo, TA qzhans here!

First, superimposed lines. You’ve in general kept a good grip on those finicky horsetails, but I see a few where there’s fraying at both ends. Remember, no matter how long it takes, slowly and precisely place your pen before making that line.

Moving onto ghosted lines, that confidence continues. I’m liking the variety here too.

Your ghosted planes are nice as well. I like how you aren’t afraid of your mistakes; I don’t see any redrawing of lines that missed the mark.

Moving onto your ellipse tables, I like that you're keeping your ellipses tightly packed within the bounds that you've set. There's expected room for improvement in getting your ellipses to be tight and tidy, but drawing through with confidence is more important at this stage, which you mostly are.

Your ellipses in planes are good as well. You also don’t stretch out your ellipses needlessly to hit the bounds, opting instead for a confident ellipse. The next step would be to perfect that ghosting technique even further, and get that tail tucked in every time.

Next, your funnels generally do a good job of aligning to the minor axis, but there are a few going haywire. Remember that the minor axis should divide your ellipses into two perfect halves perpendicularly.

No problems with plotted perspective!

For your rough perspective, I’m pleased to see that you are applying the error checking method correctly, extending your lines parallelly back to the horizon line instead of directly to the vanishing point. I do see a few issues with keeping the verticals perpendicular to the horizon line and the horizontals parallel to it too, so watch out for that. Additionally, something I really want you to pay attention to is how you’re drawing an extra line here and there, perhaps to correct some perceived mistake. Remember that all lines we put down are law, and laying down more lines to fix something will only create more contradictions and draw eyes to a mistake.

And now, the one you’ve been waiting for: rotated boxes. Before anything, I wanted to congratulate you on its completion; it's not something you're really supposed to be ready for. In general, I like how you’ve structured this exercise, keeping the gaps between boxes consistent between each box. In terms of drawing through your boxes, however, you missed quite a bit in the back. Just like the front faces form a half sphere of squares divided by equal gaps, there should be similar half sphere in the back. Take a look at Uncomfortable's example again and you'll see what I mean. Despite that however, there’s a pretty good illusion of rotation here, with the edge faces shrinking by a lot, and their vanishing points sliding closer to themselves.

Finally, onto organic perspective. In general, your boxes do a good job of shrinking and growing as they move through space. I'm pleased to see a little bit of overlapping here and there as well (although I do think you could've done a bit more). There's work to be done in getting those parallel lines to converge to their shared vanishing point, but you can iron that out with the box challenge. The linework issue from your rough perspective shows a bit here, but seems to have gotten a little better.

Overall, good understanding here. I will caution you heavily on paying attention to that line habit of re-drawing/patching up lines, as it’s something pretty obviously seen and hard to resist the urge of. As long as you keep that in mind, see you in the 250 Box Challenge!