Partial 250 Box Challenge submission

6:07 PM, Tuesday July 27th 2021

Lesson 1 - Google Drive

Lesson 1 - Google Drive:

(i placed the wrong url in the first one and i dont think i can edit nor delete it so i made another)

I have compiled my boxes from 1-66 so far i have noticed some good and bad changes, the good part is that im starting to get a hang of it. The bad part is that my lines starts to become wobbly or not aline with the dot, although I do the warm ups before i start my boxes

But i gradually start to feel anxious when i put down my pen.

Another thing is that in the beginning it took me an hour to finish all 6 boxes but recently it reduced down to 30-45 mins.....i dont know if i should be worried about it but i dont feel satisfied with the way i rush it and become impatient

Ahhh any feed back will be very appreciated ( ????

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