Drawing Prompt: The Court of the Rat King

4:17 PM, Wednesday March 30th 2022

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This submission was done for the The Court of the Rat King drawing prompt. Check out more submissions here!

What's an epic Rat Court without some tunes?

Neil, the court jester, is here to bang them out.

Went a bit overboard with yesterdays submission, so i decided to take it easy with some traditional art today.

not sure what happened with those music notes.. yikes.

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12:30 AM, Thursday March 31st 2022
edited at 12:30 AM, Mar 31st 2022

Good idea, though it might throw those in the court off from their chess game.

Looks like one of those toy xylophones :D Where are his percussion sticks?

edited at 12:30 AM, Mar 31st 2022
2:00 PM, Friday April 1st 2022

No percussion sticks here! It's a toy piano, as you can see from the white enharmonic keys. Inspired by a cute rat photo, look up "Neil bangs out the tunes."

I might also add that jesters are commonly depicted as pawns in themed chess sets, typically the ones where the pawns don't all look the same, usually ones designed to be fun for children.

8:37 PM, Saturday April 2nd 2022

Lol. The music in "Neil Banging out the Tunes" sounds like a xylophone, but I definitely see where your inspiration came from; now I understand your post :) It's a nice tune.

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