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5:13 PM, Wednesday October 13th 2021

Hi there! Commenting as the other user got inactive. So just like I explained on discord, I want you to practice a bit more while keeping in mind the complete sets of vanishing points and not individual lines, so reply with 10 boxes with extreme foreshortening and another 10 boxes with shallow foreshortening. Good luck and keep it up!

Next Steps:

10 boxes with shallow foreshortening

10 boxes with extreme foreshortening

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
8:39 PM, Wednesday October 13th 2021

Hi there! so first off I wanna say thank you for the extra practice using the new information, doing these helped alot and I think I noticed improvement myself compared to the previous submissions. As promised here's my attempt at 10 Shallow Boxes and then 10 Extreme forshortened boxes

2:56 PM, Friday October 15th 2021

You're doing a good job on the extreme boxes but on the shallow perspective boxes you're still having problems with convergence. Each set of parallel lines has to converge into a single point, and some of your lines do the opposite, they diverge and get farther away as you extend them. It's important that you learn to make this well consistently.

I've also seen you've done the revisions quite quickly. Make sure you take your time on each box and analyze each step to do a result as good as you can get it. It's easy to start thinking about finishing being the goal when you're told to do a certain number of things, but try not to think about it and shift your goal towards fixing the issues that you're having.

Lastly I've seen that you tend to repeat some lines that were off, and that you rush your hatching sometimes, make sure you always take your time with them and that you don't repeat lines.

So before moving on I want you to do 5 more shallow boxes. Make sure you focus on making each set of lines converge. Good luck and feel free to ask any questions if you have them.

Next Steps:

5 more boxes with shallow foreshortening

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
8:16 PM, Friday October 15th 2021

Hello! I got done the Boxes you asked, and this time I spent alot of slow thinking and took extra time ghosting my lines so that I'm not in a mindset to rush, but in that time I'm noticing a difficulty of mine that might be related to why I'm diverging. With these boxes when actually thinking about my pairs of lines, I notice I don't have a good sense of what counts as a shallow convergence and an extreme one in terms of which direction the line heads. The extreme boxes might've been easier for me because I was able to just push the line inwards enough to where my line obviously looks like it's converging from the getgo and make quick convergences. This is not the case with shallow foreshortening. In order to keep things shallow I tend to try to avoid pushing it inwards, despite the point being that 3pp boxes always converge. It's difficult trying to gauge what will avoid divergence but what will also avoid too quick of convergence, kinda like a balancing act. This is probably why my convergences here turn out too quick compared to what you've asked this assignment around.

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9:20 AM, Monday June 21st 2021
edited at 9:21 AM, Jun 21st 2021

Hi Allipses! Congrats on finishing the challenge! It's been a real battle I'm sure but you've finished and that's great.

So first of all I'd like to draw your attention to the line extensions; they're rough. A lot of them are missing (45-74; 99-106 etc) and there's a few examples of them being extended in the wrong direction (139; 144; 176). There's some times you did the extensions correctly, at around 116-119, but they're few and far between.

As for the boxes themselves, they started off really rough i won't lie, but slowely you improved, especially around 200 or so. There's still a few ones that are really rough still(219; 222; 231 that back corner), but it's much better than we've started.

You also draw a lot of the boxes in the same orientation. When following the initial Y on the Y method, the length of the lines of the Y can have any proportion, the right line can be super long and the other ones be super short etc. And same with the angles, the combination of angles between the lines of the Y are limitless, as long as the angles are always over 90 degrees. Take a look at this diagram. It shows different orientations that your boxes can have. Take inspiration from it, but don't copy. The boxes you draw are meant to come from your imagination.

You drew both shallow and dramatic foreshortening, variation is good, keep doing it.

Next Steps:

I would like you to do some revisions to your work. Like 50 or so more boxes, but please really pay attention to the line extension this time. I also would like you to do some more orientations with your boxes, refer to the diagram if you need help. Take a look over the Boxes lesson page again as well as the additional notes as you do them.

Good luck!

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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10:51 AM, Monday June 21st 2021
3:19 AM, Monday October 11th 2021


It's been awhile and I'd like to thank you for giving me these revisions to do from your critique! They're all done and if you would check them as you did the original submission that'd be great!

3:15 PM, Friday November 5th 2021

Hey, congrats on getting those revisions done, even if they're late.

Yeah, i can see an improvement throughout this submission.

I'd say add the boxes to your repertoire of warm-up exercises, but otherwise you can...

Next Steps:

...move on to lesson 2! congratulations!

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