Can I use any type of pen for the exercises?

10:41 PM, Wednesday March 16th 2022

I have been using microns ever since I started this course, Overtime, I've consumed many empty and dull- tipped microns. And it came to a point when I realized this can get quite expensive. if I want to continue on with this course, I'd like to do so in a way I won't have to keep buying microns for each exercise. No matter how careful I am of using them, they always seem to form a dull tip or a flat tip. I have a rollerball sign pen and It's the most suitable pen for me In my opinion. I can even refill the ink. I know I can just go about my day and use this pen, but I wanted to know other people's opinions.

thank you! :D

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6:17 AM, Thursday March 17th 2022

It depends on a few factors.

If you plan on going the official critique route, you are required to use fineliner pen for Lesson 2-5 and the 250 Cylinder Challenge. Ballpoint is allowed (and even recommended) for later lessons like 25 Wheel Challenge, Lesson 6 and Lesson 7. Per this article: - you're also allowed to use ballpoint for L1 and 250 Box Challenge.

If you don't plan to ask for official critique and only rely on community feedback then you can use whatever tools you have at hand. In this case ball point pen is fine.

Just keep in mind that there is a reason why fineliners are highly recommended in completing the majority of DAB. I do understand that you have financials constraints though so ultimately do what works for you. I think I went through 4-5 fineliners from L1 to L5 + 250 Box and Cylinder Challengers.

7:19 AM, Thursday March 17th 2022
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Alright, thank you! :D

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12:48 PM, Thursday March 17th 2022

I have found Micron fineliners to be amongst the most unreliable and easily damaged and no longer use them. I buy boxes of 12 Pentel fineliners for about £15 and they seem to be both cheaper and more reliable.

As per the instructions though, there is a reason for using fineliners and for official stuff you have to use them.

1:47 AM, Friday March 18th 2022

Thank you so much! I thought it was me who was using the microns wrong, as the nib keeps getting damaged WAY too easily. I think one pen lasted me only a week or two at best. Even if I held it lightly. I am switching from Microns to unipin, as last time i used unipin i had a great experience. So thank you so much for the reply!

Thanks again!

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