Good job on completing lesson 1. I will be reviewing your submission

Superimposed lines: Pretty good attempts. I can see you are using your whole arm. The trajectory of your lines is off and there is fraying at the ends but this is something that will improve with practice as long as you keep being confident and using your arm. Also remember

Ghosted lines and Ghosted planes: Once again, good job on using your arm to draw these lines. I see some wobble every here and there but I can see you understood how this is supposed to be done. You did miss some the points in some of the lines, so remember to take your time with the ghosting. Make sure you are planning and preparing for the line you are going to put down.

Tables of ellipses, Ellipses in Planes, and Funnels: Looks good. You fit the ellipses like it was instructed and kept them close together. Remember to keep doing at least two passes for the ellipses. Some of them look a little messy, but with time, your ellipses will look much cleaner, even when you do several passes.

In the ellipses in planes excercise, some of the ellipses aren't properly fit in, so just remember to keep ghosting your ellipses.

On the funnels excercise, you could have made the change in the ellipses' degree a little more noticeable. But overall you did a good job fitting the ellipses in the funnel.

Rough perspective, rotated boxes, organic perspective: Pretty solid attempts. The majority of these people do a lot of mistakes in this part of the lesson, so don't worry too much about it. For the rough perspective, I can see some more wobble in your lines, so remember to keep planning each line and take your time. You also missed the vanishing point for the most part, but this isn't an excercise you're supposed to do perfectly.

For the rotated boxes I can also see that you got a little impatient, so remember to avoid rushing .

For the organic perspective, the lines from your boxes tend to be diverging insted of diverging to the same vanishing point. Once again, don't worry too much about the mistakes in these excercises.

Overall, this is a pretty solid submission. Good job on reading the instructions carefully and understanding each assigment. Move on to the 250 box challenge and you will see a lot of improvement. Remember to keep doing your warmups. Make sure you don't exclude the Superimposed lines excercises or the Ellipses in planes excercise from warmups.