Heya, I'll try to give you my feedback!

Super Imposed Lines

It lacked a little bit confidence, with how shaky the line on the middle toward the end. It is pretty accurate since a lot of stopped at the same place. However, it is better to focus more on doing the lines confidently. It is easier to learn how to stop at the right spot than making lines confidently.

Ghosted Lines

Your confidence grew and I'm proud of you! Keep the pen a bit steady since I see that the ink seems to be dying out at the end. Usually it's because the pen were angled too steep, try to keep it straight up.

Ghosted Planes

Your line were a bit more confident, though you seem to be having a problem with stopping at the correct spot. Stopping earlier than where you wanted it.

If your lines always over the stop, I think Uncomfortable said that the trick is to pull your hands up when you are at the finish to prevent drawing over the stop. Still, great job !

Table of Ellipses

Your ellipses looked pretty confident! You are natural at this! Though you just need to work out the accuracy of the repeated ellipses. The smaller ellipses you at some of the corner were inaccurate at first, but you slowly improved. Nice!

Ellipses in Planes

Your ellipses are confident, which is nice. You also managed to fill the planes, well, most of the times. Just needed to work on those accuracy and your ellipses are good!


The outer ellipses were much more accurate and fits the funnels better compared to the smaller inner ellipses. Accuracy is also better on the outer ellipses compared to the smaller one. Though overall, it looked fine :D

Plotted Perspective

Looks awesome, nuff said :3

Rough Perspective

In general, I think you are having problem with boxes that are further away from the VP. Further as in, more on the left or right side. My suggestion is to "ghost" with your hand to the vp. Other things I do is too make it very steep so that it goes over the VP. From there I slowly adjust it so that it is accurate. You will get to do this a lot in the 250 box exercise.

Rotated Box

The perspective you did on this oen was pretty spot on. Even then you managed to keep the size relatively the same, something I failed. Just need to work on making a straight confident line. This probably happened because you were so used to making large boxes, but that's ok.

Organic perspective

I don't understand why the line seems to be lighter at the end and they all looked so disconnected. Lots of the lines didn't touch each other and those who did were over the stop. Calm down and take your time. As for perspective, it looked fine.

Overall I think you need to work on your confidence in making a straight line, with the help of the ghosting method. Then you can slowly work your way on the accuracy. Other than that, you are good. Good luck on the 250 box challenge!