Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

6:39 PM, Saturday June 19th 2021

Draw A Box Lesson 1 Homework - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/6nxeoy6

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Completed on weekends across 2 and a half months. As it took me so long to complete the quality wildly fluctuates and I suspect I've missed something when rereading some of the later instructions. Though that might just be me being overly critical.

The only real amount of drawing I've done previously was back in school nearly 15 years ago, so I'm starting from decently low on the preexisting skill scale. But that's kind of the point of this isn't it?

I've also been learning to watercolour paint since June last year and is where a lot of my at least 50% for fun has been spent. Improving my drawing skills is going to be super useful in getting better at painting so definitely plan to continue.

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3:25 AM, Saturday June 26th 2021

Hey, just went over you submission. Overall, I think you are well on your way to moving onto the next step.

Lines: I think you did an excellent job here. I can tell that you made sure to start at the same point for superimposed lines to prevent any fraying. I think that most of the ghosted lines and planes look good, too. One thing I would focus on during warmups is drawing lines more confidently, especially the ghosted lines. There are a few lines per page that are wobbly, especially at the ends towards the dots you are drawing to and from. This will come with practice, especially with the 250 box challenge, so make sure to incorporate these into your warmup. And make sure you are using your shoulder as the pivot, and not your wrist or your elbow.

Ellipses: You did a solid job on these. Most of the ellipses look confident in all three parts. A few had a bit of wobbliness to them, and a few others did go out of the boundaries, like the ghosted planes or the table of ellipses, but these are slight exceptions to an overall good job.

Boxes: The plotted perspective looks amazing. The rough perspective, as well as the rotated boxes and organic perspective, are great and show potential for improvement. One thing I would consider working more on is confidence in lines. In the rough perspective and organic perspective, there were instances where you drew over the same line more than once. I've done this before, too, usually because I'm unsure if it looks good. Remember that once you draw a line, stick with it as best as you can, even if it is unintentional. Another thing is that in the organic perspective, there were a few boxes that were off the swoopy line. You don't have to do a revision of this exercise, but just remember that the exercise is there to help with gaining perspective. As far as perspective is concerned, I know you're going to do well in the 250 box challenge. I can see the foundations there in the latter three exercises. I especially see this in the organic perspective, where you did a good job of rotating the boxes. There are instances in the latter three exercises where you miss the vanishing point, but this is something that will get better as you go through the box challenge.

Overall, I'm satisfied with your work. The main thing I would recommend shoring up on is confidence in your lines. When you warmup for the 250 box challenge, I would recommend ghosted planes and plotted/rough perspective. You don't have to do all theses during one warmup session, just one per session. Good luck!

Next Steps:

Continue forward with 250 box challenge.

Incorporate plotted/rough perspective and ghosted lines/planes into warmups.

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12:10 PM, Saturday June 26th 2021

Hi Lupursian, thanks for the feedback. I knew that my line confidence was going to be something to improve upon going into this, so I appreciate the warm-up recommendations to improve on this.

The Eclipses seemed to click with me for some reason and I actually had a fair bit of fun doing them, so I'm glad they look more confident than the lines did. I even caught myself doing them absent mindedly later that week during work.

With the box perspectives, I did them the furthest amount of time from when I'd finished the ghosted lines so the good habits weren't as fresh in my memory, so that's where the second guessing started. On the bright side, it's definitely helped hammer in why warm-ups are good.

With the boxes that were outside of the swoopy line I was trying to cram in as many boxes as extra practice but in the end it's just muddies the lesson a bit.

When I move onto the 250 box challenge i'll do plotted/rough perspective and ghosted lines/planes as warm-ups as you suggested.

2:57 PM, Saturday June 26th 2021

No worries! I wish you the best in the next challenge!

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