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12:47 PM, Saturday February 13th 2021

Hello. So only recently Ive noticed your lesson 2 doesnt have a review yet so im looking forward on that.

Here youve done better this time (please dont misunderstand im not very good at ellipses either) but i still dont see the minor axis of the ellipses as correct. Heres an example,the minor axis is with orange. The minor axis indicate the orientation of the ellipse and i dont see that on the branches page, theyre supposed to have a flow, like an object in space so they seem flat here. Remember to do your best to use your shoulder as uncomfortable says. If necesary consider watching the first video of his for the ellipses

I highly recommend you to begin the 250 ellipse challenge itll help you alot with perspective and orientation.Its gonna take a long time but be patient its worth it. I hope you understand what i said and good luck! Drawabox exercises are literally the best when it comes to flow confident beautiful lines i always come back to do them????

9:49 PM, Saturday February 13th 2021
edited at 10:38 PM, Feb 13th 2021

Hey thanks for the response! thanks for the link that you provided, I' don't know if I understood correctly what you meant though regarding the flow of the ellipses, do you mean that the ellipses should be more centered with the minor axis or that they should have a varying degree? or maybe both? Anyway I'll definitely go back to the ellipses section and try to understand them better and of course train a bit.

As for the 250 ellipses i take it you mean the 250 cylinders? or is there an informal challenge?

Thanks for the response and for the critique once again!

EDIT: took a look at your lesson 3 branches exercise, got a feeling of what you meant by flow, ahahah, definitely my branches came out very stiff and off centered. thanks again for pointing it out! :)

edited at 10:38 PM, Feb 13th 2021
8:43 AM, Sunday February 14th 2021

Omg yes, i meant 250 cylinders???? and im sorry i didnt explained well although i wanted to give you a proper response. My exercise is not very good im insecure with my lines lately i would rather take a look at what uncomfortable drew for the lesson

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