Am i missing a lot by ignoring texture ?

4:20 PM, Tuesday January 11th 2022

I did finish the lesson 2 textures, but after that , i find it harder to draw texture and just highly interested in the construction itself.

Especially the insect, which it is optional to draw texture on my last 6 drawing. I literally shaking when drawing insects, let alone zooming into those disgusting things.

But i can't help but worry that i'm missing something really important by ignoring textures.

Some of the benefits of DAB excersises is (please correct me if i'm wrong). make it a lot easier to study a more specific lessons (like anatomy, drapes, etc) by developing our spatial reasoning, and the ability to think in "3d" and deconstruct complicated objects as "forms" and "shapes".

So, what about texture ? Does it have any effect like the constructional excersises ?

I'm really sorry if my words is hard to understand, english is not my native language, so it kinda hard for me to convey what i want to ask.

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5:07 PM, Tuesday January 11th 2022

While there is value in working with texture, it is primarily concentrated in the actual textural exercises from Lesson 2 - which is why I make textural detail optional for the later lessons. What it explores is really no different from construction - it's all about understanding the nature of specific forms, how they sit in space, and how they relate to their surroundings. While construction does this for our larger structural forms, texture does it at a much smaller scale, forcing us to explore the same problem in a different context.

As to your issue with Lesson 4, if you're struggling with insects, you may want to give crustaceans a shot instead. Many people with arachnophobia/entomophobia have a better time working with those. As I gradually work through revising the course, I plan on incorporating more demos with crustaceans into the main lesson material, but for now you'll find two on the informal demos page. Structurally they're not different from insects, and have all the characteristics we're looking for in terms of this lesson.

3:24 AM, Thursday January 13th 2022

thank you so much for your answers, i guess i'll ignore the texture for lesson 4, and compensate it by working on the 25 texture challenge bit by bit

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