Hi Goodmoring/Goodnight i would like to say Congratulations on finishing the Lesson 1.

1.Superimposed Lines

Your lines are confident enough although some of them have archs, The archs it can be fixed by trying to arch consciously to the opposite direction. It's so clean and good. Great job not fraying the lines.

Make sure have warms ups.

2.Ghosted Lines

Your lines are confident as I said earlier. Few overshooting which is not bad. a very litte few undershooting. You did great job hitting the start dot. It's actually so gOod

3.Ghosted Planes

It's so perfect that you have very confident line. Most of them hitting start to end dots.

You should have take a picture of ghosted panes before you draw the ellipses. But no worries I see the notes I almost mark you a revision.

4.Tables of Ellipses

You drew your ellipses confidently, a few overlapped but overall you did great job being confident and great job almost all of the circle are snuggles each other its so clean and beautiful

5.Ellipses in Planes

Same as tables of ellipeses.


Great work being confident.

A few of the ellipse are not snugly against one another so be mindful of that.

Most of it are symmetrical it's so good.

7.Plotted Perspective

Great work on this.

I like you have overlap boxes.

8.Rough Perspective

Some of the lines are bit wobbles but the front of box are great

You did great job Hitting the VP of some lines.

9.Rotated Boxes

It's so clean i like it.

The gaps are consistent

All of the boxes are pointing towards

A few wobbles but it's still good

You really did great Job on this thing.

I can see a repeated lines.

This is a difficult homework but yours beautiful and so clean.

10.Organic Perspective

Your lines here are confident,

You did great making small boxes as they are far.

Some of the lines in the boxes are vanishing towards the vanishing point great job.

A few are diverge and parallel but you can work on this in the 250 box challenge.

Again congratulations on finishing the lesson one you did great overall you really put a effort on it great job.

Your work are so clean. I really love eat.