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5:53 AM, Thursday October 29th 2020

On Ghosted Planes, I noticed some arched lines, which if I understand can be fixed by making sure to pivot from the shoulder!

On ellipses make sure ellipses are touching the edges of their area and fully drawn through!

On rough perspective I noticed a little bit of arched lines (same feedback as before), what looked like some lines redrawn through but only in a couple instances so it seems you know already that you should never do this; simply accept the line as if it were correct and move on. I also noticed some wobbly lines on this exercise, make sure to prioritize a smooth confident motion rather than worrying about being perfectly accurate!

Otherwise I would say great work!

Next Steps:

I would move on to the 250 box challenge if others agree that this lesson is complete!

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6:14 AM, Thursday October 29th 2020

Thanks friend, I will do my best to work on the points you mentioned

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9:08 AM, Thursday October 29th 2020

I agree with the critique above, just want to add one small point.

I've noticed your ghosted lines have slight curve at the end. This probably means that your too focused on stopping the line at the end dot. At this point it's more important to draw a straight line (even if it goes a bis past the end point).

10:40 AM, Thursday October 29th 2020

Thanks friend, I will correct it too

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