Starting with your form intersections, your work here is by and large well done, but I am concerned about the fact that your cylinders are being drawn with infinite vanishing points. This exercise, like the 250 cylinder challenge, has us rotating forms fairly randomly, so we really don't want to be locking them into specific orientations (as demanded by vanishing points forced to infinity), and so there should absolutely be some convergence along the side edges. You can read more about this in these notes from the cylinder challenge.

Continuing on, your cylinders in boxes are also pretty well done - things are a little too parallel in a few cases (like the central box and the upper-right one) but they aren't quite so parallel as to force vanishing points to infinity as the previous issue. I would still push for a bit more convergence to help with the purpose of the exercise itself.

Carrying onto your form intersection vehicles, your work here is excellent. Many students take this exercise too far, and in so doing kind of miss its point - it's all about reminding the student that while the more detailed vehicle constructions may seem like they're really a matter of laying out a bunch of edges and stitching them together into a final product in the last steps, it's really still about thinking in terms of primitive volumes, and whittling them down to refine their detail and complexity. Adhering to this well in a limited sense for this exercise helps to keep our focus as we move onto the more complex vehicle constructions, and from what I can see that is exactly how it played out.

Your detailed vehicle constructions are phenomenal, and I can see quite clearly that you really invested the time and care that was required to push each one to the best of your current ability. You took your time through every step - the analysis and decision making of the orthographic plans, all the way to the final constructions, and I'm thrilled to see just how far each one was pushed, along with the variety in the kinds of vehicles you tackled.

Try as I might, I really don't have any complaints or issues to call out here. You took the concepts from the lesson, you took your time in applying them, and your results speak for themselves. While it's a little anticlimactic for a Lesson 7 critique, all I can really say is that you've knocked it out of the park.

So, congratulations - both on completing this lesson on such a high note, as well as on achieving full completion on the course as a whole. That is no small feat, and in so doing you've entered a fairly limited group. It's not just about having completed the course and having earned the badge - what it speaks to is your willingness to put your nose to the ground, to keep regular and consistent in your practice, and to see a thoroughly harrowing series of challenges through to the end. I have no doubts that your fortitude and discipline will see you to success in whatever it is you end up pursuing - whether it involves the drawing skills you've developed here, or not.