Hey there Rokas, I'll be handling your Lesson 1 critique. I'm glad you're proud of yourself and you should be, the first step towards any form of self improvement is something to be proud of.

So let's start off with your Lines exercises, your super imposed lines are well done, the longer and curved lines tend to fray a decent amount but that's natural for this stage. You are getting a little bit of arcing in your ghosted lines and planes, this is usually a sign you're not fully using your shoulder and will improve with mileage as you become more comfortable using it.

On to Ellipses, I'm happy to see you experimented with different sizes and shapes however I do notice a few things to note. Some of your ellipses are a bit loose but to a degree that I just think you need more mileage, the primary concern however is that they could be smoother. You are getting some squared edges especially near the edges of other ellipses or borders, this is a sign that you're not making the transition from ghosting (remember we ghost ever mark we make in this course) to executing your mark confidently and you are instead letting your brain course correct the ellipse. Remember that our primary goal at this stage is straight confident lines, and smooth ellipses, if they aren't accurate or they extend your intended boundaries that's fine right now. Accuracy will come with time and mileage so just focus on getting proper marks down. For your funnels I can see that you tried to make sure your funnel's minor central axis divided the ellipses equally which is great, just don't forget to keep it in mind as it's a very common mistake for people to make while doing this exercise as a warm up later on. (https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/13/notaligned)

Lastly on to your Boxes, you mentioned you struggled with rough perspective but I actually think you did an alright job. Yes your lines could improve a bit but you clearly tried to keep your horizontal lines parallel and the vertical lines perpendicular to the horizon. Remember we aren't expecting perfection just the best of your abilities, don't get discouraged just try your best to make confident marks. Now the last 2 exercises are meant to be quite difficult and make you uncomfortable so these are the exercises you should be most proud of completing. I like your rotated boxes, you managed to achieve nice vertical rotation, your horizontal and corners could be pushed a bit more but overall it's a solid attempt. You also managed to keep fairly consistent spacing between each box as well which is great. As for the organic exercise, I think your first 2 sections are a little safe in terms of scale between each box which isn't bad but I do prefer how much more you experimented with the last 4 sections. Your boxes are fairly solid in this exercise and a good start the next bit of material will help you refine them and you'll hopefully become more comfortable with lining up each set of lines to their respective vanishing point.

I will say though that for your organic boxes your lines are quite messy and thicker then you want, I'm assuming this is due to the page touching you mentioned. While definitely not ideal and definitely going against a confident mark I'll let it pass this time, it actually gives a bit of a similar effect to line weight (although messier)which will be touched upon more in the box challenge.

I believe you showed an understanding of what this lesson was trying to teach you and the mistakes you made you'll improve as you gain more mileage doing these exercises as warmups so I'll mark this as complete and move you on to the 250 Box Challenge.

Remember though we aren't expecting perfection, just your best attempt. Ghost before every mark and make smooth confident marks on the page even if they aren't accurate don't redraw them. The reason we use ink is to live with the mistake and develop confidence, conscientiousness and patience.

Good luck!