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8:01 PM, Tuesday December 12th 2023


How are you doing? Hope all is well.

Today I will be giving you feedback on your Lesson 1 submission.

Lets begin!


1.1 Super Imposed Lines

I can see some wobbly lines in this part, both on the longer and the shorter straight lines. On your curved lines there isn't as much, nice job! Also there isn't much fraying on your starting points so thats nicely done. Now regarding the wobbly lines, I usually recommend giving Lines: Using Your Arm another read. Hopefully it can help you with that.

1.2 Ghosted Lines

This part also looks good, just bear in mind the wobbly lines appear here as well. The plotting is nice though some lines have went over the dots but thats mostly okay for now, it will get better as you practice. Another thing students usually have a hard about is arching lines but your lines doesn't seem to have this problem. Nice!

1.3 Ghosted Planes

The first page had the problems I mentioned earlier but the second page seems to be a lot better! Lines are drawn more confidently and they don't have much wobbling. Also your lines are plotted nicely, both the starting and ending dots are nicely done. The only thing I'd like to mention about this part is that it seems like you've sometimes drawn over your lines, it is best to leave them as they are because it helps us understanding what was wrong with it and giving a more accurate feedback, just a heads up.


2.1 Tables of Ellipses

In this part, the ellipses are drawn confidently as well. There is a bit of overlapping, but it's not that much so it's not much of a problem. I think the boxes you've drawn are to show the gap between the ellipse and the borders, so yes that might be something you'll need to pay attention to but you'll get better at this with more practice as well. By the way, next time you do this exercise as part of your warm-up exercises, try to differ your ellipses a bit. Draw some of them with more degrees or try slanting them, drawing different varietions of them can help you learn faster.

2.2 Ellipses in Planes

Your ellipses have mostly over the borders in this exercise, but as you know they were supposed to be within the planes so please try to be more careful with that next time. Also nice job with drawing through your ellipses in both this and the previous section!

2.3 Funnels

All of the things I've said about the previous exercises apply here as well, but the other thing is that the minor axis should cut the ellipses in half as in 2 symetrical halves. Most of your funnels seems okay in this regard, but the ones on the upper right hand side seems to be a bit off.


3.1 Plotted Perspective

This part looks really great, nice job! I don't have much to say.

3.2 Rough Perspective

Now moving on to some of the harder exercises of this lesson; in this part the width lines should be parallel to the horizon line and the height lines perpendicular to horizon. Now it seems like you've had some problems with your lines here, as they are usually wobbly and not really obeying the rule I mentioned earlier, which is usually fine since you are just starting out and it could be hard for some students to understand this concept. So we usually just mention it so you can pay attention to later on your next warm-up exercises, but the lines are a bit more important right now, since they are what we use to draw basically everything. My recommendation would be practicing drawing shorter lines. Oh and by the way, it seems like you didn't drawn over your lines in this exercise, which should've been done on all of the boxes exercises apart from the organic perspective, in that one it's optional.

3.3 Rotated Boxes

Boxes in this exercise doesn't appear to be rotating, though your lines are looking better. Your boxes are just appering to get further away from the viewer. And most of the boxes don't have their back corner drawn neither.

But don't feel down! This part is can get (and does!) confusing and hard to understand for new students, what actually matters is attempting to do it with your best capabilities for now! I recommend reading the Boxes: Rotation, Perspective Grids, and the Concept of Infinity page and watching the video linked at the top of the page, and I'd also recommend watching some other videos on Youtube or other platforms if you'd like.

3.4 Organic Perspective

The perspective is a bit off here, you've did a great job with making the boxes that are closer to the viewer look bigger than the ones that further away. My only advice for this part is you should add line weight to the parts where boxes are overlapping to make one of them look in front of the other box.

Now just to make sure that you can really understand these concepts here correctly, i'll ask for revisions because what is being taught here will be really important in the following challenge, 250 boxes challenge.

Next Steps:

Please do:

1 Page of Rough Perspective

2 Pages of Organic Perspective

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
8:05 PM, Tuesday December 12th 2023

Hey I'm sorry for the confusion but I'd like to ask you to do 1 page of Organic Perspective rather than 2 pages. Unfortunately I cannot edit the main post's Next Steps sections.

4:18 AM, Wednesday December 13th 2023

Hi YA_K_UP, firstly thanks a lot for checking my work it was very informative and ive noted your critiques and will implement them into the revision when i sit down and do them. just clearing up something to be 100% certain, for the rough perspective revison, you mentioned i didnt draw over my lines , im guessing you meant i didnt draw through the lines to see the other side of the box, or you meant the lines leading back to the vanishing point, just figured id clear it up , thank you for your time.

7:23 PM, Wednesday December 13th 2023

Hi! I'm really sorry I've mixed thing up. I've read the guide as drawing through the lines as in drawing over them a second time, instead of drawing through the box itself, to see the back corner. Again I'm sorry for the confusion, your boxes are fine in this regard.

10:28 PM, Thursday December 14th 2023

ok thanks for the clear up, Here are the revisions,


8:00 AM, Friday December 15th 2023

Yeah these ones are better, your lines are smoother and looks like they aligned correctly with the horizon line. I think you can move on to the 250 boxes challenge now.

Don't forget about the warm-up exercises!

Next Steps:

Move on to the 250 Boxes Challenge

Add these exercises from Lesson 1 to your warm-up pool.

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